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Make Money in Egypt

Updated on July 4, 2017
Bedo pr profile image

Bedo is a filmmaker ,He loves writing and shooting videos. He started his own business on the internet

1- Drive for Uber Or Careem

If you have a car or your dad's car ,you can turn it in to cash machine by working for Careem Or Uber , you can apply for their website and they just need uploading your driving license and you can start working with them

2- Start Freelancing

If you have skills in editing videos , logo designing , translating, you can sign up on two of the best freelancers website.
By signing up to one of these , you'll start bidding on projects and wait till one accept you in their project , but you'll need to complete your profile, upload good profile picture of you , write description about you, your skills
and while bidding you should write a good motivation letter to get accepted showing your samples and work
And thats some tips i'm doing while bidding you can try
- try to be friendly to the person you're bidding for
- if the person's money range from 30$ to 50$ , dont request 5$ for the project cuz by that you're making yourself cheap and he sees that your requesting that money cuz you're not professional and not giving him the good job he wants
-before bidding on a project , go to his profile and see his name . so while writing hm the letter say ( Hey Mr.Jean ) for example
- try to make him comfortable to you and that you're going to finish his project professionally
when you start earning money , you can withdraw the money with paypal and payoneer ,etc..
freelancing can earn you lots of money but you should get good feedbacks.

3- Rent your Free Space

If you have free space (a room , house) you can rent it On
you sign up and you shoot a few pics to your place but try to take professional photos and write description about your house ,,
and price range per night and start earning money
and you can make offers discount sometimes
you should all important stuff in a safe place (your money, your gold,etc..)
It's Safe and good way to make money , and you'll meet new peaple from around the world.


You can try using which is a marketplace where buyers and sellers exchange services with 5$ .
So you can sign up on fiverr and post gigs
if you can design a logo ,do effects to a video, shoutout on instagram if you have huge amount of followers, you can do anything for 5$
And also you can see what sellers post and see the ideas you can make
And i'm sure even if you have no skills you'll find something to make for 5$ just keep looking

5- Start a Youtube Channel

You can Create a youtube channel and monetize it by Google adsense
And to Start earning you should upload videos and get a tons of views
To get tons of views you should upload high quality videos
You should get a good Camera and good editing software and start uploading videos
i Posted a video on youtube and it got 13,000 Views and Got 3$
So you should get millions of views to be rich

ideas od videos you can upload on youtube:
1- if you can review a product with a good way , you can review a product like a mobile or a camera explaining the good things and bad things and some video or photo samples and your opinion of the project
2- you can shoot vine if you are funny and have friends to help you (Shady srour for example is a great viner who became a successful viner)
3- You can shoot a music video or a short film
4- you can shoot funny moments of your pet (Cat, dog,bird)
5-tutorials i think is the most viewable thing on youtube , you can make a tutorial

6- Start blogging

Blogging is a great way to earn money .
you can try these best blogging websites from my point of view. (Free) (Free)

if you use blogger or hubpages you can link with google Adsense
and you can earn money by putting ads on your blog
with more viewers to your blog and watching ads you earn more

7- Selling old stuff

You can look for something useless in your home
you can sell anything , your silver jewellery , your bike, your watche, old shoes, etc..
you can sell your stuff on websites like
Just post the product you're selling and shoot photos of it and write a good description and put your phone number

It's not impossible to earn a living from the internet , but it just need some hard working
i'm 19 years old , a year ago i was afraid to work on the internet
Now i'm working on the internet and getting paid .

i know there is maybe other ways to make money on the internet i didn't say in this article
But i just wrote the ways i tried by myself and my friends

if you have better ideas you want to share with me you can write in the comments
and if you need any help write in the comment , i'll reply on you

© 2017 Bedo pr


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