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Make Money on Webanswers

Updated on February 19, 2011

Earn Money Answering Questions Using Webanswers

Webanswers is a unique site giving you the opportunity to earn money answering questions and helping others at the same time. is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site and gives the users 60% and keeps 40% for itself for the cost of running the site and to make a small amount of money itself. This is a good deal for both users and the site as both benefit!

If you are wondering what Google Adsense revenue sharing is then I will explain. On the questions there are adverts and companies pay for these adverts to appear on websites. If someone clicks on an advert while on the site, you the user get 60% of this money, gets 40%. As you answer more and more of questions with good quality answers, more people will see your answers and therefore more people will click the Google Adsense adverts, meaning you make more money! When you receive an award for an answer you will get 60% of all the money generated on the page with your question.

My Experience on Webanswers

I have been using Webanswers for less than a month and am already making small amounts of money and have only answered about 120 questions and have received 9 awarded answers. Some of these questions were just for fun but I have made the equivalent of a few dollars (I am from the UK) but this amount will dramatically increase as I use the site more and more and by the time I have 1000 good quality answers I should be making the equivalent of about $100 every month! If I keep answering a couple of questions every day I will eventually be able to make $200 every month.

Some users regularly earn over $500 a month answering questions on and get paid by Google Adsense.  In the current financial climate this is really good and every little helps.  

Using this site is NOT going to make you a millionaire overnight, you will have to do some work but you WILL also get paid for doing something quite fun, answering questions and helping other people! 

Start earning money answering questions on

Start Earning Money on Webanswers Today

Whether you are new to making money online or already use others sites like Hubpages to make extra money then you should join Webanswers if you like answering questions. Already use Yahoo Answers - then definitely join as it is the same but you earn! If you are already making money online, it is always best to diversify. "Don't have all your eggs in one basket!"

The quicker you start sharing your knowledge, the quicker you are going to earn money. You may be wondering if this is real but think about it, it makes sense. Remember Webanswers will also make money and the payments are made by Google Adsense which is Google and you know Google is not going to suddenly disappear.

Share your knowledge and earn!  You can join Webanswers through the link to the side and experience the site for yourself. This is a unique question and answer site and there are no others that offer Google Adsense revenue sharing!

How much do people make on

On average how much money do you make answering questions on

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Asking Questions

You can also ask questions on Webanswers and can make a little money doing so but the best thing is that you get really good answers as people want to write quality answers to improve their quality score and to be awarded the best answer so they make money.

Remember to have fun sharing your knowledge and make money!
Remember to have fun sharing your knowledge and make money!

Quality Score and How to Improve your Quality Score

To encourage you to participate and give high quality original answers Webanswers also uses a quality score which is based on various factors. Having a high quality score means your adverts appear on other pages of the Webanswers site even if you did not answer or ask a question on that page.

At this moment of time, your quality score is hidden as it is secret to stop people cheating the system but Webanswers have said some of the factors your quality score is:

  • Average Length of your answers - do not just answer with a yes or no, expand and try to write at least 3 sentences. If there is a question that you can only write a short answer for that is fine but try to give decent length answers most of the time.
  • Good grammar and spelling
  • Write original answers - do not just copy Wikipedia!
  • Participation - try to answer questions for ten minutes a day.

There is no limit to how much money you can make!
There is no limit to how much money you can make!

How Much Money Can I Make With Webanswers?

There is no real limit to the amount of money you can make using Webanswers. Some users with around ten thousand answers earn about $500 a month and one user has got paid $700 using the site. There is no specific amount and remember you get paid based on ad clicks so try to write answers to questions which are more profitable.

For example, what is the best vacuum cleaner? would be a good question to answer as people will search for it and there will be adverts about vacuum cleaners compared to What is your favorite color? It is obvious which will make more.

Quality of answers is more important than quantity

The greater answer base you have with high quality answers, means you will have a good Quality score and lots of awarded answers and you will start to make lots of money on Webanswers for spending a few minutes every day answering questions.

I will update this page with my own experience earning money on Webanswers or will link to a page where you can follow my progress as well. For the moment why not look at the results of the poll about how much money you are making on Webanswers and see what others say in the comments!


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    • RichERich1175 profile image

      RichERich1175 6 years ago

      As a newbie to hubpages, I am still in shock and awe that you can actually make some money via writing and merely by answering questions. Very informative indeed. Thank you much.