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How to Make Money with Your Smart Phone Using Apps

Updated on June 28, 2011

Earn Great Rewards With Your Phone

Earn rewards with Shopkick.
Earn rewards with Shopkick. | Source

 Smart phones like the iPhone or Android can get expensive.  There are ways, however, to make money on your smart phone.  With a bit of time and a couple apps, you can help cover your phone bill for free!

Check in to nearby locations with Shopkick
Check in to nearby locations with Shopkick | Source

How to Make Money on Your Smart Phone

·         Search with Swag Bucks.
This is the easiest way to earn money because you can do it from the comfort of your own home (on the phone or on your computer).  Using Swag Bucks as your search engine, you will randomly be awarded Swag Bucks, which you can use to buy items.

·         Check in to places.
Using apps like Shopkick or CheckPoints, you can check in to local businesses as you make your way around town.  As you near the vicinity of the store, simply check in on your phone for credit.

Scan these and other items for kickbucks, Shopkick's currency.
Scan these and other items for kickbucks, Shopkick's currency. | Source

·         Scan products.
Inside stores you can scan product barcodes for more points with the apps Shopkicks and Checkpoints.  Just click on the products listed for the store, and the phone’s camera feature will scan the UPC.

How Checkpoints Works

· Complete tasks.
Apps like Field Agent pay you to complete tasks in stores. Pay is generally between $4 and $9 per task (though in other areas it might be more). Tasks generally involve checking product displays and usually take about five minutes to complete.

Checkpoints offers a wide variety of rewards.
Checkpoints offers a wide variety of rewards. | Source

· Collect your rewards.
After searching, checking in, and/or completing tasks, you can then get the rewards. Swagbucks, CheckPoints, and Shopkick give giftcards and/or items. Field Agent gives money.

What's your preferred way to make money on your phone?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Personally these are not good. I have a good one read my tutorial below.

      This is a short tutorial on how to make easy money. This will not happen instantly so it will require patience but not much effort will have to be put in.

      First thing you should know is that you will need an android or ios.

      So the site is called Featurepoints and you will be rewarded for downloading apps and staying on them for a minute or so. After that you should instantly get your points and the app can be deleted. The reason that patience is required is that there are only a few apps available at a time and so you will have to wait for more to be available. Each apps is worth an average of about 100 points and 600 points = $1. So once you have enough points you can redeem them for money on iTunes, Amazon and Paypal but you can also get good apps. Also check the rewards section once in a while as they give free full games e.g. angry birds and plants vs zombies.

      Now also don't forget to use my referral code: 5IQTU0

      It will give you 50 free points but you must do it when signing up as it will not be available later.

      For ios simply go on your device and to

      sign up and then go to settings/safari and click 'accept cookies (from visited)'

      For android go to:

      Download and sign up

      When go to

      and complete offers.

    • profile image

      CHarlie Kelly 

      7 years ago

      Personally I favor the iPoll app much more to Checkpoints simply because of all the opportunities to make money. I have already made a couple hundred bucks off iPoll, it is definitely worth checking out.

    • profile image

      Bruce Acne 

      8 years ago

      There's many ways to do this. You can find a job at craigslist or look at your daily newspaper. I really don't know much about your skills and abilities but I suggest you find a job that you have experience and expertise in. Right now as a college student I just make money sparely from this site I found. It's not much but it will eventually add up.

      I must say that when I first went to the Swagbucks website, I was a little confused and somewhat skeptical. It mentioned things like being a ?premier rewards site? and a leading online search engine. But if they were a search engine, then how does one generate the rewards from? And why have I never heard of them? Well, it turns out that Swagbucks is indeed pretty legit.

      It's amazingly simple. You just sign up and you can either go to their website each time you want to gain points for surfing the web, or you can just download the Swagbucks toolbar and do your searches from there.

      Then each time you do a search using the Swagbucks search engine, you gain Swag Bucks which are good towards a wide variety of prizes, including everything from GPS systems to memorabilia to gift cards to actual cash via PayPal.

      During the writing of this review, I installed the Swagbucks toolbar on my computer at home. At the completion of this review, I had already gained 410 Swag Bucks! Now, I've only got 40 to go before I can get a $5 Amazon gift card!

      Use this referal link to get a bonus of swagbucks for


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