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Make More Money With Fiverr

Updated on December 6, 2016
With Fiverr, the earning potential is limitless.
With Fiverr, the earning potential is limitless. | Source

Fiverr is a site that allows you to create gigs, which is another word for freelance work.But you can also check to see if people are needing certain services. Which means more money for you, yay. There are alot of people who make good money with fiverr. But they are constantly promoting internally in the site.The key to making money is promoting externally.

Think smarter then the other people who are trying to land freelancing jobs.Promoting your Fiverr gig's through blogs and articles gives you a bigger advantage then other people.

Don't forget to promote your gig.
Don't forget to promote your gig. | Source

Idea's Of Gigs

  • Advertising and Promoting
  • Funny Video's
  • Posting On Blogs,Forums and Video's
  • Practical Jokes
  • Graphic Designs
  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Music and Audio related stuff

My Experience

I actually made a blog solely for my gig's.Some people view it as just making $5 a gig and that's it.But I will also be making money from Adsense and the gig's. It's called my Hire Me blog.

Having a blog with a awesome design, and articles that promote my services has made me more money then just doing social bookmarking.

If you decide to create a blog,make sure to change the template to show your personality.If you just choose a template that they offer, and leave it plain and as is, people aren't going to want to stay on your blog and check it out.

When promoting your gigs, this is what it should seem like.
When promoting your gigs, this is what it should seem like. | Source

Promoting Externally Examples

  • Make a hire me blog
  • Submit it to social bookmarking sites
  • RSS Feeds
  • Posting and Sharing on Facebook
  • Putting it on traffic exchange and safelist sites
  • Ask your friends to share it
  • Write articles involving the gig you are selling, add the url at the end

Succeed With Fiverr

No matter what gig's you create, you can turn them into a full time income.As long as your are consistent,finish the gig's,staying determined and dedicated you will make more money. In the end you will make what work you put into it.Work hard and earn lot's, work poorly and you will make little.

By going with some of my tips, you can maximize your earnings.Which is great no matter what.Have fun, and check back again, because I will add more info soon.


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