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Make Some Money Fast This Christmas To Pay For Your Christmas Shopping

Updated on October 22, 2010

 Online shopping dramatically increases around the festive months. People spend more money at this time of year than any other time of year. Some business's only make money in the festive months, thats right their profit is generated in the months of October November And Decemeber and they make a lot of profit too. So with billions being spent you can have you peice of the action. If your are familiar with ebay then you could earn some extra cash fast utilizing this time of year. People start buying their gifts for christmas around October time ( yes some crazy people start in January ) But for most October is when we start putting little pressies away. With ebay virtually selling everything under the sun most people will jsut shop their as a one stop shop. Im pretty sure spending will be more this year than lasts on ebay.

 So how can you make money fast on ebay and potentially enough to pay for your christmas shopping? You can do this by buying wholesale goods or even selling your old stuff but what If I told you away that you could sell items without even touching them? Sound good huh? Well you can with dropshipping. Dropshipping is where companies will stock thousands of items and ship them for you. Their prices are not as low as wholesale but they are defiantely cheaper than retail. If you think about how much it would cost to buy stock up front and store it, dropshipping makes a wise choice. Thousands of people use dropshipping as their business from teenagers to grandparents because it can be done in the comfort of your own home. You join the dropshipper, you list the item on ebay once it sells you forward the details of your customer on to the dropshipper with their order details and they ship it out for you.

 Dropshipping is a business and one that if you commit to and learn how to make serious money from you can earn a 6 figure income from it. If you like the idea of earning money from ebay and dropshipping then you need to do some reasearch on dropshipping and get to it now whilst the iron is hot. Its good to start with a small investment but you can start with nothing. Some dropshippers are a paid membership some are free. The link above gives you 5 reputable drophippers to get you started. Remember you want to limit your chances of items not turning up so try to use dropshippers that offer recorded delivery as a postage option espcecially at this time of year. You can use dropshippers that only supply a normal postage serivces but make sure the items are cheap so that if they don't turn up you can replace or refund your customer without losing out to much Recorded delivery dramatically reduces anyone trying to claim their item hasn't turned up.


Ebay's biggest market is clothing, not electricals as you may think. Electrical goods are succeptable to scams too so try to stay clear of this area to begin with. As a new seller you can be more looked at ebay and paypal if you start selling mobile phone and computer consoles this time of year. One of the only dropshippers that I have found that offers genuine brand name clothing is Devilwear Ray Ban, Oakley, Converse, Skull Candy, are a few labels that they offer to dropship. They offer secure postage and have a excellent reputation. They specialise is winter sports gear too, like ski helmets, snowboards and goggles plus much more.

So what more could you ask for, They're a clothing dropshipper which is the biggest market on ebay, they sell brand names and they specialise in winter gear!!!! Cha Ching!


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    • Arlecchino profile image

      Arlecchino 7 years ago from Top of the Cloud

      You shared interesting idea and I definitely like it! Now I should decide if I want to try it :)

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 7 years ago from England

      The bonus to this is that you could make enough money in the next few months to pay for your presets, but you could also build a business that will pay you for years on end. If you wonder how, many people make loads of money on ebay dropshipping is one of the vehicles. Wholesale is the next step but will take time to build up and you will need an upfront investment and somewhere to stock your items. Theres a great video about a guy that started on ebay with a bulk order or about 20 baseball bats few years later his business is worth millions.

      Check my other ebay hubs if you want to build traffic quickly resulting in more sales.

    • KristenGrace profile image

      KristenGrace 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Hmm... quite interesting. I learned a lot from this hub that I never knew! Thanks!

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 7 years ago from England

      Freelance work isn't a area I've looked in to, although a lot of people do it. The most freelance work i've seen that people do is writing which you have to be good at to get the work im not sure how fast you can get work either. With dropshipping you can join anyone of those sites i've suggested today and start selling their products today even make a sale in that day too! There are many ways you can make money online. Dropshipping is one that virtually anyone can do.

    • Kevin Hungerford profile image

      Kevin Hungerford 7 years ago from Florida

      You could also try doing some freelancer jobs, but they wouldn't pay anywhere near what dropshipping would.