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Make an Extra $365 or More a Year!!!

Updated on December 11, 2015

The Path to Cash

If you are anything like me then you like doing what you can to save your money and spend as little of your hard earned a cash as possible. I am going to show you a method that has helped me not only get a few extra bucks, but actually gave me a way to make some money before I even turned old enough to get a job. Yes that is right! This is something anybody can do, and it is super easy! Virtually anybody can do it, but there is one stipulation. You need a smart phone. Now a days the issue of not having a smart phone is few and far between, so not many people will have the issue of having the one necessary requirement to make this extra cash. And you don't even really need a smart phone, any android or iOS operated phone, mp3 player, or tablet will work to help you get easy extra cash to spend or save.

This is something I have been doing for years, every since I received my first iPhone back in 2011. At this time I was only about 15 years old, and many teenagers are unable to find decent jobs at that age-or really anything prior to the age of 16. But like many teenage boys I needed a way to fund my ever growing video game collection, or needed cash for add-ons, or just about anything. We all get tired of asking our parents for cash, and we all most defiantly hate the control the exuberant over our life while they have that kind of financial control. To say I was itching for a financial rooting is an understatement. So the moment I heard about apps that let you earn points for gift cards, I became ecstatic. However I am sure many of you have already hear about such apps if you're already looking at this article, and it isn't the apps themselves we are looking for, it is instead the method in which we are going to use them that makes this article unique.

The first app that sparked my interest was the app known as Viggle. Which at its time and heyday was an excellent app, and was at the top of charts. There were easy ways to not only retrieve points fast, and therefore get gift cards fast. There were numerous raffles, and prizes, along with honestly ways to cheat the system. Ways that I am extremely guilty of taking advantage of. However since then viggle went a rapid downward spiral, that has inevitably conjured its own downfall. However during this golden age of viggle, another app gathered my attention, one that keeps working to keep a consistent baseline incentive to constantly keep people coming back. This such app is known as App trailers. Now many of you guys may know of this app if you are reading this, but do you guys know of the best way to use it.


What is app trailers?

The app known as AppTrailers, is probably the easiest fastest way to get extra cash, or gift cards. The app itself is extremely simple. You create an account on the app or link your facebook account and that is how you get started. First off the bare bones behind the app is simply that you watch app trailers. I assume apps pay to have their apps trailer featured on the app to hopefully entice people to use their apps. Now each trailer is attached to a regular add that you could see anywhere on the internet or television, also funding and providing revenue for the company running the app. So with each app trailer you watch you not only watch the trailer but an add. These all very and can take anywhere from 15 seconds to complete a cycle, upwards to 90 seconds to complete a cycle. So it not only varies but there are also ways around everything.

Now besides the fact that you can watch trailers for points, there are various other ways to gain points. Surveys, specific apps that have more points, scratch offs for points, or even leaving comments or reviews with some apps garnering even more points.

Now what exactly are these points? I keep talking about how many points you can get but haven't once mentioned what exactly they are or let alone how you can turn it into extra cash. So what exactly are the points?

Well the points are really are rather easy to explain. For each thing you do on app trailers you retrieve points. For example regular app trailers get you 5, 3, or 2, points. Scratch offs can get you anywhere from 13 to 1000 points. The special apps can get you 10 or 20 points, and finally the surveys, or tasks, are just all over the place. Now the points translate as such.

1000 points = $1.00 meaning that of course,

10000 points = $10.00,

100 points = $0.10

10 points = $0.01

This is translated into real money because it can be used for real money. Yes there are gift cards for playstation, JCPenny, Bestbuy, and Amazon. But for this specific article we are going to be focusing on a very specific reward. That reward is the real cash you get for transferring your points to your paypal account.


The tips and tricks

Now here is the real meat and bones behind this article, how to make that cash. Now the real key to success behind this whole trick, is patience. You absolutely need to be 100% patient with this method otherwise you will get nowhere. Patience is an absolute necessity.

Now first off how to rack up those points. You get a daily free scratch off, it is free so there is no real risk behind it, and it will give you anywhere between 13-and 31 points. You have a 1 in 7 chance of winning this scratch off along with all the others, so the chances are pretty high, however I recommend not wasting your points on scratch offs unless you are extremely lucky. Do this scratch off daily first, and wake up bright and early, then head over immediately to the trailers. Bust out any and all special trailers, and tip on those apps to maximize your amount of points quickly. From then on you head to the regular apps. With this you will start out with 5 points and all you do is watch the the ad on the trailer, because you can simply skip over the actual trailer for the apps. After watching the ad there will appear a way to skip the ad on iOS,, or you can just press the back button on android devices. The skipping of these adds provides you with a way to maximize your time, that way you can gather as many points as possible.

In this time is everything. The more you optimize your time the more points you will receive and in turn you will receive more cash. You can completely ignore what you're doing itself, but you may want to pay little bits of attention. Only because you will be presented with opportunities to skip over the add itself, definitely maximizing time and pointage. The app alone provides several opportunities to gain points faster, easier, and allow you to get as much cash as possible.

Making that money!

If you follow my steps daily, scratch off, special apps, and skip trailers/ some ads, then you will be on the path to success. Now how exactly do you get to that extra $365 or more a year. $365 in a year doesn't sound like a whole lot, but can be all at the same time. For those under 18 or even 16 that is a lot of walking around cash. For those with bills to pay, that is extra groceries, or a bill covered, a couple games or books, it is a decent extra amount of cash. However you can easily make more cash than this. The $365 is just a base line to get you motivated and started with this special trick.

For me when I do this I like to make a goal of at least 1000 points a day, that is $1.00 a day. Yes one single dollar a day isn't a lot but it adds up to that eventual $365, but like I said we are trying to make more than that. 1000 points a day is fairly easy. It is continuing to go through the day constantly racking up points that becomes tiresome. So anything more than 1000 points adds up, however I make it a goal to go anywhere from 2000 to 3000 points. The most I have ever been able to achieve is a total of 6000 points in 1 day, however that took an extremely long time, patience, and a switch from 5 points to 3 points then eventually down to 2 points per view. To say it gets harder with time is an understatement. so anywhere over 1000 points to 6000 points is the goal, to play it safe lets go off of 2500 points, which is absolutely achievable daily, but is a process. We all know that the 1000 points daily achieve a total of $365 in 1 year of doing this, which is a nice handful of cash. But even the small difference of an extra 1000 points daily of course doubles your income, for a total of $730 extra a year to spend, all because of just watching enough trailers to get 2000 points a day. But what about 2500 like we said? Well in one year you would achieve $912.5 in a year. That is nearly an extra $1,000 dollars in spending cash a year. No here is where the trick becomes even easier, where you can double, triple, or even quadruple your cash easily. All you need is extra devices.

I personally have 3 iPod touches in total, 2 older and kind of broken, and 1 newer. Along with that I also have my own tablet that I got with my phone plan, and my own phone. So now I am up to 5 devices, and many of you are likely to have such a amount of devices, but many aren't as well. I was personally guilty of taking my mothers iPad for this. And sometimes my wife is on board with this for her phone and her tablet. So in total me and my family have a total of 7 devices to use this app for to get extra cash if we want. Now watch as the cash can roll in.

With any extra devices the amount increases exponentially:

2 Devices = $1,825

3 Devices = $2,737.5

4 Devices = $3,650

5 Devices = $4,562.5

6 Devices = $5,475

7 Devices = $6,387.5

Lets just say you have 10 devices lying around for the heck of it and say you can do the 2500 day. That is equal to $9,125 in just extra cash lying around for your spending or billing pleasure. Now not everybody has this luxury of getting extra smart devices, and to that I say think about getting more. You may not be able to afford an extra tablet, or another iPod but eventually these will pay for themselves. Use your kids while they are at school, do what you can to make the extra cash. It may not make a lot of cash, but an extra $365 to $9,125 adds up a lot fast, especially over the years to come.

Now all you have to do is start making extra money on this cash. If you don't put it towards fun or even bills, then of course the right answer is to invest or save it. A year may be a long time but that is an extra $365 to $9,125 or even more that you can put towards earning more. If you are looking at this article you are likely already a wise spender, or saver, so this step may be easy for you to turn $9,000 into thousands more for a retirement fund, or a rainy day. All this can be done without dipping into your normal cash flow. So grab your phone and start earning because this app may not be around forever and your golden free cash opportunity might just pass you by.

A few methods

Staring at your phone and watching the same app trailers over and over again will obviously become tedious and boring. So here are a few ways to earn these points through out your day so that it feels like nothing.

Back before I had a job I watched much more television and played lots of video games, so I had plenty of free time to accumulate those points for tons of cash. As the shows I watched progressed through their daily plots I constantly stayed on top of my phone so that I could get as many points as possible. I would wake up as early as 5 am to get a quick start to get to bed as late 2 am to maximize the amount of points. However as time goes on this option of point gathering became less and less available to me as I got a job. However fortunately I had a job that I could easily use my phone at. This allowed me to quickly accumulate points by looking at my phone for 2 seconds to skip an ad and then switch to the next app. If you have a desk job or something of that sorts that allows you to quickly check your phone, or even have it out with you then getting points will be a breeze. You just do it through the work day and you should return how with anywhere from 1000 points to your allotted points depending on your work day.

Now right before getting married I enjoyed a time called me time. This was the time of day after everything that I went home, indulged in one or another mind altering substances, and played video games until I felt tired enough to engage in my necessary amount of sleep. During this time is where I racked up a lot of points. Lining up all my devices in a row and continuously doing the necessary deed while keeping my mind off the phones with video games. Keeping yourself busy and mind off the devices is the key to success along with patience. Because if you are focused on something else the entire time your gaining points, you will quickly be like well then I have 1,500 points already! That was fast!


  1. Have a Device or multiple Devices.
  2. Download the App, AppTrailers.
  3. Do daily Scratch offs, stay away from the others, unless you want to test your luck.
  4. Watch any Special apps, and tip those special apps for extra points.
  5. Complete any daily surveys for extra points.
  6. Watch apps repeatedly, skipping over the actual apps, and keeping an eye out for any ads that let you skip ads.
  7. Cash in the points for Paypal cash, or extra gift cards.
  8. Watch the Money roll in.
  9. When in the App use bonus Code reconciledclub3 for an extra 90 points.


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    • John Colarusso profile imageAUTHOR

      John Colarusso 

      2 years ago

      Yes there is still necessary babysitting of the devices. However if the time is passed fast it is almost unnoticed. However on the flip side it does get tedious.i personally found some of those other apps harder to use or they just never really worked for me. But maybe i was doing something wrong maybe worth a second look on my end too

    • Chriswillman90 profile image

      Krzysztof Willman 

      2 years ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      I read reviews on app trailer and even tried it for a few days but it was a bit of a hassle. On the other hand I found the perk apps to be a lot easier for passive income due to less babysitting of your devices.

      Still maybe it's worth taking a second look to see if there are easier ways to collect points. Interesting hub.


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