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Make free call from Google

Updated on September 4, 2010
Free Google calls
Free Google calls

Free Calls from Google

Yes, its true.. You can now make free calls from Google to phones in United States of America and Canada and very cheap call calls to any phone across the globe. Google has just started this service last weeks and people are already getting befitted from this service.

To check the quality of this service, I made some couple of call to my friend in US and Canada. The call quality was quite satisfactory and appropriate for a free service like this. However the quality of voice will highly depend of type of Internet connection at both ends. For a typical broadband with 2 mbps speed, this service is quite reliable.

If you live in US or Canada and are travelling abroad, then you don't need to activate your roaming. You can use the Google voice service and receive your calls on laptop (provided your hotel provide you internet service). You can also make call using your laptop but it will look to receiver that the call is coming from your phone number.

Free calls to US and Canada is there till end of this year. It might be continued or become chargeable depending of the decision google will make by end of this year. However if you look at the charges to call non North America countries, they are still very very cheaper than other service. For example, calling to India with this service is only 6 cent. Calls to european countries are even more cheaper.

Google have also announced a new service called Priority Inbox to manage your inbox. It will divide your inbox in three section based on the proiorty.  At top of the inbox will be unread message which google think that are important to you. However this can also be manually changed by you. Below this will be messages which are coming from email addresses that you have flagged as important. At the bottom will be message from other people.

Although you may have to check all the three sections for important mails, but you need not to worry about missing the mails from your regular contacts as they will be sorted by google.

Feel free to mail me at or use the below comment section to provide any feedback.


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      raju 6 years ago

      kya ye india se india main nahi hoga