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How to make money at home using Excel

Updated on October 18, 2015

Microsoft Excel - A great money making idea

There are numerous ways to make money from home using Microsoft Excel. The Excel spreadsheet is a very powerful tool with most people only knowing a fraction of its functions plus a decent side income can be achieve by creating spreadsheets for small businesses. You would think that most established businesses already have computer systems installed with software to run their business, but you would be surprised at the number of computer-less businesses around. These are usually very small business 2-3 people owned by usually an older person who is probably computer illiterate and can be bothered to switch over from there old style paper/book/typewriter system. People like this simply don't understand who beneficial technology will be for their lives/company. These are the people you need to target, you need to provide to them that computers are not complex machines, they are there to make our lives easier.

It doesn't take a state of the art PC to run MS excel. A system running Windows XP, a least a Pentium processor, 512Mb and small Hard disk drive will be enough. These can be picked up for a couple hundred pounds. You can include it in your costs when you sell your idea to a small business. A great way to make money from home.

Businesses Without Computers

  • Estate Agencies - There are many small estate agencies (renting only) that deal with paper and booklets only. They have pictures and and scrappy notes all in a plastic wallet. A good money making idea from home would be to approach them and present them (on your laptop) with a sample of typical spread sheet which shows the following information. Tenant name, address, contact details, dates moved in, payment type, paid (yes/no). Before approaching them, you could also take a picture of their properties and embed it into the spreadsheet to make it look more impressive. Late payment reminders could also implemented. I have successfully created such spreadsheets for 3 small companies in the UK, they will continuously ask you for updates/changes in will you can make further money.
  • Used Car Shops - In one particular area in Birmingham UK I saw 6 used car garages without computer systems. Yes, they had old cars, an old office and a very old owner but there's no excuse not to have a new computer system. I didn't get involved with this business since I had a number of projects to do with the estate agencies., however a colleague of mine at the time designed a two spreadsheets. One was a cost calculator, fields to enter were: Cost of car (new), year made, mileage, MOT, dates, ext condition, int condition. These variables calculated the recommended selling price for the car. The second database for simply a list a customer details.
  • Hobby craft shops - These are some of the most unorganized shops I have ever seen, many owners are simply not interested in introducing technology into businesses. However with a little convincing, a simple money making idea such as an invoicing spread sheet can make their lives easier. Their accounting probably consists of lose papers for separate items filed away in drawers. I have made money in the past by introducing simple ledger systems from templates I didn't even make myself. There are times when I threw in an old unwanted office PC making money from very little work.

A lot of people are also still using, old methods of invoicing even in this day of age. This can be replaced using excel designed from home as a great way to make money.

Continuous side income

Once implementing your work in these small businesses you will need to impress them enough for them to accept and buy your work, however at the same time you mustn't give too much. Too keep making money you need to allow for improvements and maintenance in your work.

e.g. A small estate agency may expand its business with a different types of property and different clients requiring you to make changes to the spreadsheet. People are known to make between $300-$500 a month by updating a maintaining around 8-10 spreadsheets and other minor computer issues.

There of course will be periods of drought, and no maintenance or upgrades are necessary however this comes and goes in waves.

Other Microsoft packages

Money can just as easily be made using other Microsoft packages. PowerPoint is a useful software. I have created presentations for international moving companies. Moving household items from one country to the next is a large process and people feel comfortable when they can see a physical plan of what will happen to their belongings.

Many small companies would benefit greatly to have a mail merging facility using Microsoft Word for letters. You'll be surprised at how many small offices have computer but hardly use any of the functions to assist them in their businesses.

Going a step further, designing a website is the next best option. There are numerous web site hosts out there that cost around only $6-8 dollars a month with a one time setup fee for around $10-15. Not only that, there are hundreds of professional looking templates to use. You could have a website for a simple small business done in hours. Approach these small business directly with a small portfolio or example of what you can offer. Have a look at what the big professional website companies are charging, you could charge a quarter and still make a reasonable profit for a side income.


If you are proficient enough, why not earn money by teaching it? There are thousands of people mainly middle aged who would pay for tuition because going through a manual is too troublesome. You could easily advertise your services in craigslist or any other similar classified ads section. This can be perfect for a side income. Simply offer the first trial lesson at a discount or even free in order to get clients rushing in. If you are confident then you will not need any specialized certificates.


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 15 hours ago from The High Seas

      Good ideas here. I know people that could provide this service if they just focused a little. Sitting around bemoaning your lack of disposable income is a lot less effective than using ideas like you have outlined here to actually get up and d something.