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Make money importing computer products and accessories into Nigeria

Updated on November 24, 2012

Computers are in vogue now in Nigeria as its usage over recent years have kept on increasing. More and more Nigerians are beginning to get addicted to computer usage and they need it for a lot of things such as doing school assignments, writing projects, desktop publishing as well as browsing the internet.

There are a lot of computers being imported into Nigeria on a regular basis and most of these items are sub standard or used computers which only break down after a short while and so there is a high demand for replacement parts and entire products too.

You can make money by simply importing computers and their accessories into Nigeria if you know how to buy and where to sell your products. You would need to have the right contacts for wholesales and best deals and know how to bring them easily into Nigeria.

What kind of computer products are in high demand in Nigeria?

Well, from what I know, computer assets like flash drives, Ram, keyboards, mouse, keyboards and personal computers likes laptops and tablets are mostly wanted. You can make a lot of cool money if you can import them and market your products.

Online shopping to the rescue

With the growth of Nigeria's cyberspace, we are not left out of online shopping and you can start shopping for computer products on websites across the world and get them shipped to Nigeria. Some websites offer direct shipping to Nigeria and for those that don't offer it, you can get a mail forwarding account from that country.With online shopping, you cna scout for products you want and decide how to buy them. If you intend to use small capital, then you can easily buy online but if your capital goes into millions and you want to ship a container worth of computer products, then it's best to go and inspect your products first of have someone trusted to inspect it for you before placing an order and making payments. DHL shipping takes about 5 to 7 days to arrive Nigeria and containers can take about 3 weeks.

Sourcing for computer products

There are many places to source for computer products and these include China, USA and the UK. Most people source from China due to its cheaper cost and innovative products but they tend to have low quality and hence other merchants prefer sourcing for better products from US online stores. Buying from the USA is also good if what you are looking for it durability, high quality and a good brand name. Wherever you've decided to buy your goods from, you should consider what type of goods you are looking for and how you want to ship it to Nigeria.

Eye on China

You can get quite a lot of computer products at great prices too from China. You can decide to travel there and place an order on products you've already inspected. You can also order for them online from a website like or Problem with some Chinese products as I've mentioned is lower quality and improper specification. Shipping costs from China to Nigeria is quite cheaper than from the USA.

Eye on the USA

When it comes to the home of computers and their accessories, the USA is the place to go and they do have a wide range of products and reputable online stores to buy from. If shipping small products, you can order for them online from stores (like, or and get it shipped to Nigeria by making use of a US shipping address. With your credit card, you can place orders at any US stores and have your item re-shipped to Nigeria after receiving it in the USA.


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