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Make money in short time

Updated on February 11, 2016

Techniques of being rich

To becoming a billionaire is not a subject of short term. But in a short period of theme you can make enough money that is more than needs of normal life spending. That is the same rule that most of they billionaires was maintained. If you start the rules and if continue it once you also can be owner of huge amount of money. I say money is the most important source of happiness. For introducing happiness in your life money is part and parcel.

Earn money, save money and invest money. The three things if you can not implement altogether you will not able to overcome the stage of middle income group.

Just think that you have earn and you expanse same. If you deduct your expanse from earning you have no savings. Your economic status is not changing.

Again think that you are earning and saving some amount. Your economic status will change. But this changing rate will be in a slower rate. This will be helpful for you to becoming a middle economic group member.

The last option is that you are earning, saving and investing in a profitable business your earning and saving will increase with an exponential rate.


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