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How to make money at blogging

Updated on December 2, 2011

How to make money at blogging can be done in many different ways. Many use blogging as an online journal to share life experiences, thoughts, progress, and updates. Businesses use blogs in the same way. Advertising and marketing through blogs is free and there are many free blogging sites that you can join.

Blogs can help build relationships with your clients by providing information on a regular basis. Blogs are used as a business newsletter, not only can you bring organizational announcements to customers, you can also gain feedback from customers on prices and products.

Blogs are an effective way to spread your services and gain publicity. Combining your blog with social networking sites can open the doors to more traffic, creating back-links to your web page, blogs, articles, and social sites. Search engines use "spiders" or "bots" to filter through blogs daily for keywords and other information. The more informative and keyword rich your content is the more you increase your chances of being on the first pages of Google and other search engines.

Social bookmarking is also another beneficial way to get your blog read and liked by consumers. Viewers can rank your blog content which in turn can boost your organizations credibility. The higher your votes, the more experienced and reputable your business looks.

This strategy will also increase your ranking on search engines which in turn will bring more visitors to your site. The public values information and opinions, good or bad. Customers are checking other customers reviews on products to make sure that what they are purchasing is worthwhile. Blogs can help you show people that your products are worth the time and money invested in them. The more "safe" your company and product is the more customer loyalty you will gain.

Every business should use blogging as a marketing strategy, it can only benefit you and the people who purchase your products. So how to make money in blogs is entirely on the tactics you are willing to take to make it happen.

Learning how to make money at blogging is actually a lot easier if you have someone that is already making a ridiculous amount of money do it. Follow me on Facebook.

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