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Get Rich While Sitting on Your Couch - A Real Opportunity to Supplement Your Income

Updated on April 21, 2017

I Know What You're Thinking...

You're thinking, oh, great, another "get rich quick" scheme that doesn't work. Well, first of all, you could be right, but not likely. After all, getting rich quick isn't really the intentions that I have when I plan to offer you a way to make money working from home. I am, however, hoping that you will see the value that I see in this opportunity. Imagine....

Your base salary is, let's say, $62,000 per year. Getting a raise in the next decade, not likely, it's more likely that you will be just barely hanging on to a steady job in this economy.

Now, if you were to add even $10,000 a year, that would be a HUGE bonus, am I right? Chime in if you agree.

Think for a moment, I have added $700 a week, $2800 a month, and, yes, that's right, $33,600 per year. It takes some work, but nothing extravagant or impossible. It's time consuming, but you really get out what you put in, really.

Now, what if I tell you that you don't have to learn anything new, don't have to start doing something completely different from what you are doing right now, and don't have to start selling yourself, or a product, or ...anything. Impossible?

Would you consider yourself an Expert?

They say that it takes persistence and repetition to become an expert at something. Would you agree that you are persistent and repetitive in doing your job now? Let's say that you fix air conditioners for a living. How many air conditioners have you looked at? How many have you been able to fix? How many have you struggled with, and eventually came up with a solution?

That process, the one that you do every day at your usual job, is the exact way that an expert is made. A person that fixes air conditioners has probably seen over 1,000 air conditioners in the last 10 years, maybe more. "They" say, at least I've read somewhere, that it takes doing something 1,000 times to be considered an expert. So, Mr. Air Conditioner Fixer, who's been working for 10 years and has seen over 1,000 air conditioners, YOU are an expert in your field, congratulations, welcome to the community of experts.

So what? I'm an expert, who cares?

That's what you would assume right. Your boss doesn't care, your customers don't care, your family doesn't care, probably no one cares that you are an expert. HOWEVER, I can show you a community of people, people who pay money, who would value your expertise. Value it so much, that they would PAY you for your expert opinion and advice. And, the best part is, you don't have to find those people yourself, don't have to advertise your expertise, don't have to do, really, anything, except, provide your expert opinion, that is.

Welcome to the world of

Not everyone will be considered an expert, I must warn you. They don't let just anyone claim to be an expert on this site. You have to have verifiable credentials. For "air conditioner fixers," a certification, a degree, or some verifiable entity that confirms that, yes, you ARE what you say you are. There is a process to getting verified, for me it took about a week and a half, but after you are verified, the MONEY starts coming in.

The only thing you have to do is answer questions, from paying customers that visit the site, about the things that you do everyday. "How do I know if I have to change the filter in my air conditioner?" "Where do I find a replacement filter for my air conditioner?" "What is that noise that the air conditioner is making?" Simple if it's what you've done for 5 or 10 years, right? I think that you will need to sit down for this. For every answer you provide to a question, you have the potential to make between $5 and up to $25 depending on the question. The customers listen to your advice and choose to accept it if they think it is helpful, and, that's it, you are paid for your advice. It all seems so easy to me, I can answer 10 questions a day in addition to my full time job, that's around $100 a day, $700 a week, $2800 a month, $33,600 a year.

What are you an EXPERT at?

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Even the dog is excited about the simplicity of this endeavor!
Even the dog is excited about the simplicity of this endeavor!

Give it a try....

I found the site while looking for my own legal advice on estate law, I ran across the site and a lawyer provided me with an answer to my question. I chose to accept his answer and was even able to give him a $5 bonus for being so great!! Now, I have been verified, and am providing my own advice. The first question I answered was for $9.26, and, because the customer appreciated my reply, she gave me a bonus of $4.34. That's $13.60 for ONE question, I was hooked. Since then, I've been slowly getting the hang of it, but the profits are growing.

It doesn't hurt to try, just visit their page and apply to be an expert, and, while you are there, if you have any questions that you need an answer to yourself, ask, it helps to get an idea of the process before you start doing it yourself. Good luck! And, no, I am not an advertiser for their website, just another person looking for an extra dollar to supplement my income and passing along some great advice to like-minded people.


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    • CyberTech15 profile image

      CyberTech15 5 years ago from Michigan


      I should have stated that I dealt with the mentally challenged for 25+ years, lets just say it was not me, but someone very close to me, very close and in Love with.

      This person was my wife and best friend, my hero and so proud of. She is gone now, and being well taken care of. She helped form me into a better person that I am today.

      It is very hard to see a spouse go through that stuff, and beyond ones control. I was by her side all the way, until it came to an end.

      People do not understand when this happens there is more than one victim of the illness, it is not just the one that is sick. The spouse, family and so on fall victim to the illness. All eyes are on the one that is sick no matter the problem and forget about the Loved ones that suffer too.

      I was alone in this battle, every friend left us, and relatives, soon were out of the picture. One breaking point was when the Church we went to for many years, stopped helping. "Deal with you own problems Dave"!

      Yes I have learned a wealth of knowledge about the so called system of mental illness and the problems it can bring. If it had to deal with autism, that would be easier I do think than what I went through. BUT, it all depends on everything to say what is the worst, right?

      I am a happy sort of guy, smiling, and having fun. After what I went through, my illness is a walk in the park on a sunny day!



    • pipmistress profile image

      pipmistress 5 years ago from Qatar

      very interesting, i will check the site. thanks for the information. Vote up!

    • kortneypac profile image

      kortneypac 5 years ago from Lewiston, NY

      Great Cyber Tech!!! Welcome to the community of experts! If you are worried about whether I mind your linking to your category in the comments here, by all means, go ahead, I don't mind at all, or maybe you are referring to hubpages policy in this regard, ? I'm new to hubpages, so I don't really know.

      If there isn't a problem with hubpages, go ahead and link away.

      You said you also work with mentally challenged, could that mean autism? I know there is a specific category for just autism, maybe you have one of the requirements for that, worth checking out..just a thought.

      Keep me updated on your progress, look forward to hearing back!!

      Thanks again for commenting here, love the discussion!

    • CyberTech15 profile image

      CyberTech15 5 years ago from Michigan


      There was no category for ARCHERY, but there is NOW!! LOL

      I have 30 years Experience on the job with Schools at PSE, HOYT USA, Darton Archery, Oneida Labs, Easton Arrow School, Ten Point Crossbows,and Excalibur crossbows.

      I would put a link here to my area on Just Answer, but I did not want to do anything wrong posting it here. :(

    • kortneypac profile image

      kortneypac 5 years ago from Lewiston, NY

      Thanks for the comments! Cyber Tech: the topics/categories on the site are pretty extensive. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a category for archery. Another important tip...(thanks for making me think of this, I will probably add it into the hub somewhere).. if there isn't a category that you are an expert in, you can actually make your own category, you answer some questions about who your audience would be, what topics would be involved, and, boom, you have your own category. You can then, link to that specific category from different sites, social media, hub pages, etc. and, if you generate enough of a customer base, they will eventually accept the category as part of their mainstream topics and that will create more customers for you because then they would be advertising your topic for you. It's quite unique and very logical, got nothing to loose, I agree!

    • CyberTech15 profile image

      CyberTech15 5 years ago from Michigan

      GREAT HUB!! I am an Expert in Archery and dealing with the Mentally challenged, Both for over 30 years!! I am going to give this a Thumbs UP! Giving this a go, what do I have to loose, right?

    • Cosmic Bus profile image

      Cosmic Bus 5 years ago from Maryland

      Interesting and helpful! Voted up.

    • kortneypac profile image

      kortneypac 5 years ago from Lewiston, NY

      Thank you for the comments! I love to get feedback! I hope you also find success as I have on just answers. I would love follow up if you do join the community of experts on just answer!

    • profile image 5 years ago from Ft Washington

      Thank YOu KortneyPac. This article is both great advice and a wonderful authentic testimony. I appreciate your work and and humbly thankful for having read it.

      I wish you continued success and look forward to your additional hubs. I hope you get a chance to check out my site. I will certainly look more at your work and your answers.

      God Bless.

    • EinderDarkwolf profile image

      Sean Bradbury 5 years ago from Tempe, A.Z.

      Very interesting. I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing and have shared in return.