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Making An Appealing YouTube Channel: Tricks, Tips and Essentials

Updated on September 27, 2014

Getting views? Getting subscribers? Getting likes? Getting comments?

It is important to all YouTubers, big and small, to gain all of these things in order to become a success on YouTube. It is now very well-known that money can in true fact be made on YouTube, but don't rush ahead their speedy Gonzalez, there are a few areas to cover first.

At this point you are likely asking, "but I have been a YouTuber for a long time now, uploading videos and not getting more, or even any money from being a YouTuber."

Well, let me tell you, making money is as easy, or as hard as you make it become. Not to say, it will happen overnight, but by following these initial steps, you'll be moving one step closer to making you're living, or possibly even a fortune on the YouTube site.

Or, you may be asking, "yeah, this may be so, but all I want, is to spruce up my YouTube channel a little bit".

Well, that's exactly what this article is aimed to help you do, so get comfortable and follow the next few steps to make that perfect, attractive YouTube channel which will make you a viable candidate to be successful on YouTube.

YouTube- video sharing network
YouTube- video sharing network | Source

Step 1 - Idea

Already have an idea for you're YouTube channel, then skip this step.

Now, for those without an idea for you're YouTube channel, it is important to have an idea before running off into the sunset with hopes and dreams to be a YouTuber, yet not having a clue what your videos are going to offer.

Remember, audiences want something that is going to help, intrigue, interest, or entertain them.

It all starts with an idea, so first you need an idea on what niche you are going to have. For instance, if your niche is film reviews, then you need to know how you are going to deliver these reviews and how regular you are going to upload these videos.

It is highly recommended that you upload videos 3, 4, or possibly even 5 times a week, so that viewers have a strong reason to subscribe to your channel, enabling them to come back regularly to watch the latest uploads on your channel.

Sticking with the film review niche, not that this is what yours should be, you must also ensure that you have a set-up in a room, where you can comfortably film the reviews taking place. Here's what you'll need in order to do this:

  • A video-camera, or web-cam - either will work fine, but make sure that the quality is as good as possible and it is highly recommended that the quality is 1080p (HD), as this is more likely to peak viewers interest.
  • A large enough space to sit or stand comfortably in-front of the video-camera or web-cam, in order to stay in its line of sight and film the review taking place. A suggestion, would be to have nothing too distracting in the background, as this may take viewers attention off what you're saying.
  • Good audio-microphone - allowing clear sound to channel through the videos, enabling you're audience to hear every word you say clearly, keeping their focus.

That covers all that you'll need in the room where you do the videos. More can be done, but this covers all the basics.

Thinking of a YouTube channel name...
Thinking of a YouTube channel name... | Source

Step 2 - Channel Name

Already have a YouTube channel name, then skip this step.

This name will be how people remember your videos and you, so make sure you are entirely happy with the channel name before going ahead and using it to upload all of your videos.

Sounds silly, I know, but you're channel name is the most important part to this process, as it is you're defining moment. Can the channel name be, well, silly? Sure it can and here's a great example why, 'PewDiePie'.

What's 'PewDiePie'? You know, just the most subscribed YouTuber with more than 30 million subscribers and an expected $7 million pay-check for 2014, just from YouTube earnings.

So, basically, my point is, yes your YouTube channel name can be silly. As long as it it isn't discriminating, rude or already used by someone else (in which case you couldn't use it anyway).

Need some suggestions, to help think of a YouTube channel name. Here's a few:

  • Your name - Forename and surname (could also include middle name/names).
  • Something silly (you find funny).
  • A nickname you have.
  • Be creative, thinking of something which blends well with a couple of different words, like DomLivesWell, as just an example of the top of my head.

Pretty much anything, which tickles your fancy, can become your YouTube channel name, but make sure that it is appealing, unique and personal to you.

Currently Existing, Cool Channel Names

Channel Name
Total Subscribers
Cool Rating (1[worst] - 10[best])
30 Million
18 Million
Barely Political
4 Million
4 Million

Step 3 - Background (channel)

This is as important as creating appealing videos, when it comes to getting subscribers, as although it won't affect views much, it will surely affect the level of subscribers in which you receive.

This is apart of the creative process.

So, use the tools which you have available. The options are simple, in terms of what YouTube have an offer, since they provide a selection of backgrounds which you can use, which allow you to have a background on your channel, without having to go far to find one.

Want to be more creative?

Then create your own background, which will show a distinct uniqueness to your channel, which differs from anyone else's on YouTube, making this the recommended option.

To do this, use Photoshop software, or find an alternative piece of computer software, allowing you to create the background. Also, be sure that the background looks professional, as an amateur background will likely put viewers off subscribing to your channel.

Make the YouTube channel's background and logo unique and personal to you ---- random picture, aiming to inspire
Make the YouTube channel's background and logo unique and personal to you ---- random picture, aiming to inspire | Source

Step 4 - Logo (channel)

How important is the logo?

Having a logo on your YouTube channel is a biggie, especially if you aim to get subscribers and a lot of them. Audiences want a reason to subscribe. So they want to watch great videos, they want to delve into a content-full channel which is appealing, fruitful and has all the right elements.

But, wait, they have the videos, the channel name, the channel background, but where's the channel's logo? Nowhere to be seen.

This is likely to lead viewers, searching your channel, to believe that you aren't dedicated, as if you were, in their minds, you would have a logo to match the channel's supposed dedication.

Disagree? Well, sometimes the truth hurts.

Next question...

Getting the right logo?

This is harder than you might think, as after looking around YouTube for a long while one day, I noticed that most channels which had some decent videos, lacked a decent logo, or even any logo. By the way, most of these channels had hundreds of videos, yet very few subscribers, usually averaging about 2-5 thousand subscribers.

Sounds great? ...Not really!

So, how to get the right logo.

First and foremost, get it into your mind that your channel must have a logo to succeed. But in all seriousness, the first step past the obvious is to look at you're channels name. After doing this, think about what the channel offers and more importantly, the niche in which it operates.

Now you've done this, consider how you are going to take all of those different things and turn them into an attractive, personal (to you) logo, which you are happy to print onto your YouTube channel.

But wait, now hold-your-horses, it is important that the logo looks good in thumbnail size, since that is the size your logo appears as on the YouTube channel.

So, make a bold statement, making the logo stand out on the channels page, so that viewers are immediately drawn to it, enabling them to see that you take the channel seriously. Giving them the ultimate reason to subscribe, giving more credibility to the channel, short-term, and long-term.

Step 5 - Promote the 'Like' Feature During Videos

As well as other things, during each of your videos, you should promote the like feature, asking viewers to click the 'like' button, telling them something like, "did you know, it only takes 0.14 seconds to click the 'like' button", then finishing with telling viewers how much it helps your channel by simply clicking the 'like' button.

It may be something which you've seen others do on their YouTube videos and it is something worth considering, if you're looking to see your videos rank better on YouTube, getting more views and more subscribers. Well worth the effort!

So, how do you do this?

During, say your video reviewing the latest "Hobbit" film, you could ask people to click the 'like' button, at either the start of the video or at the end of the video. But it is recommended that you do this at the end of the video, as it might come off sounding a little strange asking someone to click the 'like' button before actually seeing the video. The end is perfect for this.

Also, have an image of the 'like' button edited into your videos for viewers to see at the end of the video, as you ask people, if they liked the video to please click the 'like' button.

Anything else worth promoting during videos? ...Yes!

Promote, clicking the *subscribe* button

This should be done alongside your promotion of your "click the 'like' button", and follow me via "social media for more information regarding video uploads", at the end of videos with on-screen images to show people where they can access these areas.

Promote, clicking the *social media* follow links (if you have them)

It is recommended that you have social media accounts on "Facebook", "Twitter" and "G-MAIL". As this allows people who like your channel, to not only subscribe to your channel, but also follow you on social media, to further the experience, making it more interesting for them, in following you on YouTube.

Having social media accounts linked to your YouTube account, also enables you to gain more traffic from external sources, since 100's of millions of people access these social media sites every day.

Step 6 - Have a Video Introduction

This is for the pro-doers, who want their videos to immediately become recognisable as their own, going beyond simply introducing who you are, although that is of course, apart of your introduction.

Here's a run through of what you'll need, to maximise the video intros appeal:

  • A short-clip intro (not a must) - although this is not a must-have on a channels videos, it certainly makes you stand out among the crowd. So what is a short-clip intro? Well, it's a unique introduction-video which lasts no more than 5-10 seconds introducing your video, which can be created using video editing software, but can be a little tricky to create (if you want a professional looking one).
  • A simple image intro (must-be-done-right) - this is as simple as it sounds, which is done by having a unique image which starts off your videos, all universal looking to each other, but stand out individually in different videos, to look unique to each video.
  • Introduce yourself - this must always be done, even if you use one of the other two options, as viewers want to know who you are, but this can be done alone, without either of the other two intro ideas. Basically, start the video by saying, "hi guys, my name is forename followed by surname, and today I'm going to be...".

This simply starts off your videos in a 'to-the-point' fashion, allowing viewers to immediately get a sense of who you are, and what it is that you are offering to them in the video. Sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of people who are missing this very 'step', which worries me deeply.

Step 7 - Have a Call-to-Action

The call-to-action, is basically giving the viewers a place to go at the end of the video, so by asking them to click the 'like' button, subscribe, follow you via social media links etc., is all well-and-good, but there needs to be the extra element to really give audiences the best opportunity to fall in love with your YouTube channel.

But what more can you do? Its all been done! Well... No!

There's one more thing and this is another must-have for your YouTube channels videos.

Put a link to other, similar videos at the end of each video, enabling viewers to check out more of your videos, attaching themselves to your channel, whilst also furthering their video watching experience.

It is important to ensure that the videos in the links, two or three is enough, are relevant to the video that the viewers have just seen. So, be sure to take this into account when leaving links to more videos at the end of each video.

Well done! Now you have the knowledge to make your YouTube dreams come true.


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Having the perfect YouTube channel was the purpose behind producing this article, so best-wishes to all in creating that perfect channel.

Worth mentioning, that the perfect channel only ever needs to be perfect in your eyes, as this means it really is as unique and personal to you as it could ever be.

If there is anything which you believe should have been added to this article, which is missing, then please share this information in the comments box below.

Be sure to subscribe for more YouTube 'help' articles, giving you the insight and knowledge you need to succeed on YouTube. This article has hopefully helped you in doing just that, but there shall be more.

If you have any questions or thoughts, then please leave them in the comments box below, as I will make sure to reply as-soon-as-possible, as I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank-you for reading

"I do the research, so that you don't have to"

Your friendly movie, games writer: Craig Easom


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