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Making Extra Money Online

Updated on December 23, 2012

How To Earn Extra Income Online

Let's face it the stock market is unstable, you can lose your shirt day trading. You can work multiple jobs but that will cut into your personal time that you could be spending with family and friends. Over the past few years I've developed a great part time supplemental income utilizing websites like Hubpages, Squidoo, Yahoo! Voices, eBay and more.

You wont get rich, but you will enjoy a great and growing extra income that will benefit you and your family.

I used to work three jobs on top of trying to get my own business off the ground and found myself getting nowhere fast. Then I suddenly became unemployed for a couple months and began scrambling for ways to generate income while I looked for employment.

Here's a few tips that have worked for me.

Any self made millionaire will tell you you need to be making money in your sleep. The internet never sleeps and it's global so even while you are comfy in your own bed others all across the world can be helping you earn money while you sleep. It takes some creativity, and a little bit of your time and pretty much no investment of money on your part.

First if you don't have a account start one. Paypal allows you to receive payments from different websites and you can keep the money in the Paypal account to spend at other websites when you shop online and you can deposit funds from Paypal to your own personal bank checking account to use for paying bills or what ever you need the money for.

After you have a account started and verified then go to other sites like,, and Yahoo! Voices (and start a contributor profile).

Here's where the creativity comes in, think of topics you enjoy writing about. It can be music, cooking, sports or what ever sparks your interest. On and you can build easy mini webpages about the topics you love and add modules that feature related products from, When ever a viewer enters eBay or Amazon via your page you earn a small percentage of any items the viewer buys. The income doesn't stop there you also earn royalties from advertisers who's ads the viewer may have clicked on.

A added bonus is when I want to buy an item from eBay or Amazon I always start by going through one of my own squidoo or hubpages so I earn some of the money I spend back from each purchase. It's like getting a small rebate or discount every time I buy items for my home.

Another plus is when you have a eBay account you earn what they call eBay Bucks which is a small percentage of each item you buy that you can redeem each month for a discount on Items you buy. So If you use eBay a lot your basically doubling how much money you get back between royalties from squidoo or hubpages and in the form of eBay Bucks.

By becoming a Yahoo! Contributor you can write articles, reviews, short videos and more about topics you love. You basically earn 1 cent for every 4 views of your work. Now Yahoo! does have standards and editors who will review your content before it is allowed to be published on their site. So you will need to create original articles, reviews or videos that are free of spelling errors and show proper grammar. But in the long run you will become a more professional writer/content producer as Yahoo! editors critique your work and approve or reject it for you to rewrite.

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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      Great tips! I can see that you acquired these important facts through experience. Thank you for sharing!