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Making Free Money Online: The Bitcoin Way! Part 1

Updated on June 12, 2015

What is bitcoin and how do I store in online?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. The rates fluctuate daily, but one bitcoin is worth around $230 USD! Most bitcoin faucets pay users in satoshi, which is a fraction of a bitcoin. One bitcoin is equal to about 100,000,000 satoshis. To begin earning bitcoin, all you need to do is sign up for a free wallet address. Below are some of the best bitcoin wallets.

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And Now...The Faucets!

Faucets are websites that give users free bitcoin with various waiting periods between claims (from one minute to multiple hours). All you have to do is solve a Captcha (this is to prevent bots from exploiting the system) and you get FREE MONEY! Many of these faucets will tell you how much bitcoin they've paid out in total. One of the faucets I regularly frequent has paid out almost 25 bitcoin at the time of this writing, that's over $5,700! Just enter your wallet address, solve the captcha, and collect your prize!

1. Weekend Bitcoin

This faucet pays out 1000 satoshi per hour, and 2000 per hour on weekends! Sometimes there are also mega 10 million satoshi jackpots on the weekends! Payouts are every Monday as long as your balance is at least 10,000 satoshis.

2. Dance Faucet

Average payout of 1500 satoshi every four hours. Win between 400 to 100,000 satoshi every claim. Payouts are on Sundays as long as you have at least 10,000 satoshi in your balance.

3. BTC Queen

1000 satoshi every 90 minutes guaranteed, and payments immediately sent to FaucetBOX.

4. Bitcoin Gator

1100 satoshi every 300 minutes! Payments are sent directly to FaucetBOX.

5. BoxClikz

1000 satoshi every 500 minutes, payments sent directly to FaucetBOX.

6. Moon Bitcoin

This special faucet lets you choose when to cash out. Satoshis are earned quickly at first, then decrease in rapidity the longer you wait.

7. Free BTC For All

1000 satoshi every 10 hours, sent directly to FaucetBOX.

8. Tree Bitcoin

Tend your tree and as it grows larger, so do your payouts! Withdrawal at 15,200 satoshi.

9. Bit Cats

Feed a cat and your payouts grow as he gets fatter, withdraw bitcoin when you reach 15,200 satoshi.

10. Crypto Discount

Win either 950 or 2,000 satoshi every 240 minutes, payments sent directly to FacuetBOX.

11. Bitcoin Aliens

Average payouts equal over 4000 satoshi an hour!! Balances over 5,500 satoshi are automatically paid out every Friday.

12. Crypto Free

900 to 1,500 satoshi every 360 minutes. Payments sent directly to FaucetBOX.

13. Switzerland Bitcoins

At least 900 satoshi every 900 minutes, with a chance to win 90,000 satoshi! Payments sent directly to FaucetBOX.

14. Gold's Day

Spin the wheel for your chance to win up to 1000 satoshi or the jackpot! Claim every 10 minutes. Payments sent directly to ePay.

15. Bitcoin Zebra

Claim 1000-3000 satoshi every hour! Payments are sent directly to your Xapo wallet if you enter your email address or accumulated and sent to your Coinbase wallet in weekly payments on Saturday or Sunday if you enter your wallet address.

16. A Sea of Satoshis

At least 888 satoshis every 888 minutes! Paid directly to FaucetBOX.

17. Free-Bitcoin

Spin the wheel to win up to 999 satoshi every five minutes!

18. Free Bitcoin

Roll for your lucky number and win the according prize, up to over 0.8 BTC ($185)! Multiple payout options with auto-weekly payments sent on Sundays.

19. Coin Collecting

Scratch your coin for your winning amount! Payments sent directly to ePay.

20. Mundo BTC

815 satoshi every 960 minutes. Payments sent directly to FaucetBOX.

21. Satoshi Sky

Draw a number and win up to almost $5 in bitcoin every five minutes! Cashout button is displayed when your balance reaches 10,000 satoshi. After you initiate a withdrawal request, the Bitcoins will be sent to your wallet within 6 hours.

22. Favorite Faucet Bitcoins

601 satoshi every 720 minutes, sent directly to FaucetBOX.

23. Bitcoin Free Faucet

Up to 8000 satoshi every 180 minutes. Sent directly to FaucetBOX.

24. Stars Bit

Spin the wheel to win free bitcoin every six minutes! Paid directly to ePay.

25. 21 Bitcoin Gratis

800 satoshis every 5 hours, paid directly to FaucetBOX.


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