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Learn More About: Making Money From Loans

Updated on June 10, 2015

Are you planning to take a loan and worried about the interest amount you will have to pay? What if you don’t have any other choices but to opt for a loan to accomplish the tasks that you have in hand? Don’t worry! Opt for a loan, get your things done and make money out of your loan.

Did you ever think you can make money out of loans?

Well, we all are aware of the tasks we can accomplish with the help of loans. But…making money out of loans! Have you ever thought about it? Doesn’t it sound odd? Even if it sounds strange given that we opt for loans to sort out our financial shortage, it is possible to double your finance and make money out of loans!

Understand loans better:

Loan is a debt provided by one entity to another entity at a cost which is known as interest rate. This is a kind of cost born by the borrower. The same interest rate functions as an incentive for the lender/bank.

How to make money out of loans?

There are many instances in life when you need to borrow money for different purposes, which may range from buying your dream house to start your own company. But while borrowing money, you hardly pay attention to the benefits you will get from your loans. Mostly, you are worried about the interest amount that you are paying to bank. Nevertheless, when you proceed, there are many surprises to greet you rather than being haunted by your EMIs and interest rates. Mentioned below are a number of ways that borrowing money helps you make more money.

Loans to save tax and make money:

Don’t worry, even you are taking a housing loan with limited income. It will not only help you get your dream home, but you will also get exemption from income tax. By not paying income tax, you can save a considerable amount of money in your account. So, you are doubly benefited!

Property appreciation:

You never know, the value of your property may become double in the coming days. So, when you sell it, you get much more than you had invested. Thus, your housing loan yields higher returns than you have ever imagined!

Peer to peer lending:

Peer-to-peer lending refers to the process of lending money to peers without maintaining the traditional financial rules. By lending money to your peers, you can earn money in the form of interest rates.

Loans for start-ups:

Do you know, you can start your own company by taking commercial loans? There are many commercial banking schemes which provide loans for startups and others established businesses. Once, your business grows, your profit rises, and finally you end up making more money out of your loans.

Loans to invest in stocks:

Many people borrow money to invest in stocks. This is another calculated method of making money out of loans. You can get loans at very low rates of interest and invest it stocks. However, the best time to take a loan and invest it in stocks is when you are sure about the return on investment of the loan is higher and the risk level of investment is low.

Loans to buy gold:

Another way of making money from loans is to take a loan and invest the loan in buying gold, because gold is one of those commodities which has maintained its value throughout the ages. Gold is a unique asset class, providing long term value. The ideal time to invest in gold is when the markets fall and the inflation is very high. Gold has been an exceptional instrument against inflation as its price goes up when the cost of living increases.

Take a Loan, renovate your house and sell it for higher returns:

There are many banks which provide personal loans to renovate your house. Many people take personal loans for house renovation. Later on, they either sell the house or rent it. In both ways, you are in profit. If you rent it, you get a good amount of money on monthly basis as rent, and if you sell it, you get a good one time return on your investment.

Loans to invest in plots:

Another means of making money out of loans is to take a loan and invest it in buying plots. When you own a plot of land, you can use it for any purposes as preferred by you. Either you can use it to start a new business, or you can build a commercial building and rent it to business entities, or you can sell it at a higher price. By all means, a plot of land will definitely yield higher returns. So, don’t hesitate to opt for a loan and invest in plots.

Invest in your education:

What if you don’t have sufficient money to fund your education? Does it going to put a full stop on all your dreams and aspirations? Definitely not! Take an educational loan and invest in you which will provide you unbelievable return in the future.

Reality Check

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Well, after seeing the number of ways in which you can make money out loans, do you still pause and think twice before taking a loan? Or, you still consider that you need loans when you run short of cash! If so, it’s high time for you to come out of that misconception and embrace the fact that you can double your finance by taking loans, rather than sticking to the dominant concept that we only take loans to balance our financial shortages. When you look beyond the surface level and recognize the amount of financial benefits a loan can provide you, your misconception will certainly go away. It is a financial instrument wherein you can invest and get higher returns. So, don’t pause and think too much to take a loan, given the long term profits that await you.


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