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Making Money From The Comfort of Your Home

Updated on October 1, 2015

Do you have some free time after your daily duties or are you fully employed? This free time that you have is so precious. In simple terms, time is money. So how can you convert this free time into money? I pretty sure that you have a computer or a Smartphone. You are accessing this online page using either a phone or a computer. May people do visit the internet daily in search of answers and solutions to the problems that they face, searching for fun, entertainment and growth opportunities. What if you take a good advantage of this great number to make some cash from your free time?. The results would be amazing. Many people who were languishing in poverty due to unemployment are making lots of money here. They are their own bosses. They decide what to do and at what time. It sounds nice of course. However, there are a number of steps which you should follow so as not to fall into the traps of scammers who will end up disappointing you. In this article, I will explain some of the real opportunities which will help you make some good cash. Some do require dedication and consistency some do require a lot of research and information gathering. Others do require little effort.

You want to make extra cash?


1. Academic writing

Are you a professional; a teacher, a nutritionist, a camera man etc? Do you have passion for writing,then that is all what you need to begin. Bring on the skills, knowledge and passion. There are millions of people who require your services. Sites like advanced are always looking for professional to write quality articles for their readers. The can pay you as much as 13 dollars per page. That is a good amount to start with. A writer has to write original articles. They give you a free plagiarism checking tool so as to ensure that whatever you have written is original. Other sites like and match service requesters with service providers. If you are a company and you require editing of some of your data and you do not have enough human personnel to do the task, you post your work on these sites. You indicate the amount of money that you are willing to offer. Then a willing and experienced will bid and if approved, he or she does the work and gets paid. They demand strict adherence to the set instructions and the set time. If you keep on doing your work well, the requesters will have confidence in your services and hence your chances of getting more will rise.

Working online


Writing articles on good topics can earn you cash


2. Blogging

There are some other sites which just want you to write original articles of the topic you want. Well written and original articles attract online readers who are looking for information on may be how to solve a certain problem, entertainment etc. This creates traffic in the site. Traffic means that the number of readers visiting the site is high. Companies want to advertise their products and services ion such sites. It helps them meet millions and millions of potential customers.The owner of the website pays you depending on the number of readers who clicked on the adverts which were in your article. Such sites include Hubpages and Bubblews. This way you can manage to get some income from doing something that you really like. They also do require patience, quality and consistency.

3. Create an own website

You may also have your own website, creating good content pages will attract people. The cost of creating or buying domain and website varies from one country to another.When companies do advertise their products on your sites, a company will pay you depending on the number of visitors who will click on the adverts that they post on your site. The secret here knows what people really want from the internet. Provide it in the best way possible so as to maintain a constant traffic. Do not disappoint the visitors of you site by writing deceiving titles which do not meet their expectations as they will not revisit the site. You may also apply for Google adsense account and if your website meet their standards and specification, they display adverts in your site and you get paid for every viewing of advert.

4. Doing Online surveys

Companies want to know the opinion of consumers about their products. They also want to know how they can reach potential consumers. Universities also want to know where they can get students. Governments are also using surveys to get opinion on service delivery in the country.They cannot get this precious information from everyone. It is expensive and not economical. The work with survey sites who post surveys on their behalf. In order to make it attractive, these sites award dollars to those who complete surveys. Genuine sites will award you with tokens and dollars when you do surveys. Genuine sites include Ipoll and YouGov.It is however a slow way of making income but it adds value to your free time.

5. Testing websites

You are paid to review websites. All what you need to do is to visit the website and navigate through. You will then give your opinion on the ease of accessing important information, what you like and what did not please you. The owner will apply this important information to identiofy the areas which he or she is supposed to work on.

Football game


6. Sport betting

Are you a fan of games like football? If you are then there are online opportunities which will help you make cash from the thing you like from the comfort of your room. You make predictions about the results about a certain game and then if you are lucky, you get the agreed amount of money. Reliable betting sites include betway, sportpesa among others.

7.Paid to click adverts

There are some sites where you get paid after clicking adverts. For every advert that you open, you gain some coins in your account. It may look a slow way of making cash it costs you nothing to open an advert for just 5 seconds. Such sites include clixsense.

8. Transcription

There are sites which allow you to apply for some short term and simple tasks like arranging data. They bring together clients and workers. You apply to do a certain task after having your account approved and from there you apply and when the client approves your request, you do the task for pay. Such websites include Mturk.

Reading an E-book

e-book reader
e-book reader | Source

9. Publishing E-books

Getting information quality information sometimes require paying some cash because someone effort has put immeasurable effort in that work. You can also think of writing books which you publish and make money. Such sites include Amazon kindle store.

Affiliate marketing


10.Marketing online- Affiliate marketing

This is good option to those who have a strong presence and following in the social media. Companies may work with you as an affiliate so that you can advertise their products and get some cash.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      All of these ways work to make money online. Personally found that writing for hubpages to be less of a headache than my own blog. With your own blog, you need to maintain the site and advertising. At hubpages, they do all the technical stuff for you.