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Making Money Online Free

Updated on January 7, 2015

Making Money for Free Takes Work

There are several ways that one can make money online for no investment whatsoever. These ways are not make money fast schemes and you do have to work in order to make the money that you would hope to make. Keep in mind I am not promising that you will make thousands of dollars within days with little to no work at all. I am not selling you lists and you do not have to sell anyone anything at all. If you use several of these websites at once then you can make as much or as little as you are willing to put in time for. These ways are not guaranteed but I will provide links to everything that I personally use and links to pages that may help you to make money that I do not use.

Slice the Pie

I have included a link to my first money making source. This source is called Slice the Pie and is a music rating site. You can earn between .05 and .15 per song rating, depending on how long and thorough your rating is. One thing that they ask you to do is actually take time to rate the song. Another thing they do, before you receive any of your money, is read your ratings. If your ratings are substandard or sub par then you do not get paid. There has been a few rumors that Slice the Pie is not a reputable site and that they do not pay. I have never had an issue with the site myself. I have always gotten paid every time I cash out and my account has never been compromised. It is worth checking into and maybe checking out the site yourself. Here is the link to sign up for your very own Slice the Pie account

Slice Some Pie

Rate music for money at Slice the Pie!
Rate music for money at Slice the Pie! | Source

Sell Some Pictures

You can sell pictures online, not that it is very profitable but, you can sell pictures online of a lot of different images. All you do is sign up for the site, but be careful because some sites require your content to be exclusive to only them. The sites that do not require your pictures to be exclusive pay less but also have an exclusive option which will allow you to receive more. I have included the links of several sites that I use. I have yet to have issues with any of these sites and have not heard anything about them being a rip off. Like Flashnotes, which you will see later on this page, these sites require a customer bases for the products that you are selling. Alas, if you do not have a customer base, you will most likely not make any money.,,,

Submit Your Photos for Cash

Submit pictures and make money online.
Submit pictures and make money online. | Source

Sell Pics

Sell your photos on Shutterstock.
Sell your photos on Shutterstock. | Source

Sell Your Useless Photos

Sell photos that you really have no use for.
Sell photos that you really have no use for. | Source

Sell Pics on Sites Exclusively

Submit photos to companies exclusively and make more!
Submit photos to companies exclusively and make more! | Source

Start a Blog

I have a blog on HubPages, which deals with Amazon, Ebay and Google Adsense. In order to have your HubPages linked to an Adsense account you have to apply and it is recommended that you have at least 10 blogs before applying. You also need to have good blogs, with credible sources and that have viewers.


You can also create a blogger account if you have a gmail account. Blogger is another blogging site beside HubPages, but I find it harder to use.



Try applying to sites that are looking for writers. You have to apply to most of these sites before they will accept you as contributing member, but if you can come up with decent content then you have a decent chance on making money. I believe with these sites you have to submit each piece you write for review. The site that I use personally for his is Helium. There are several other sites that are looking for writers such as Helium, however, I have yet to find one that is worthwhile and a lot of them are not looking for writers all of the time or for all subjects.


Write Notes and Flashcards

I belong to a site where you can make notes, study guides and flashcards to sell. This sites is called Flashnotes. It is really helpful to belong to this site when you are a student and have student friends. As with the photo sites, if you do not have a customer base for what you are selling then you will have an issue selling your notes.


If You Have Psychic Gifts

You can become a part of Oranum Psychic Community. I have made the most money on this site by far. Not everyone has the ability to do this type of thing, but if you can then all you need is an HD camera and a computer that will run their programming. As with every site there are things that you need to watch for. I suggest that you check out their full disclosure statement and all of their rules before you actually apply to be a psychic on their site.

Oranum Psychic Community:

If You're Okay Getting Nude and Performing

I have personally not tried any of these sites but I have checked them out and the ones that seem legit seem to make people quite a bit of money. Keep in mind these sites are not just for women and they have places for men and couples as well. Check out the site thoroughly before you decide to commit to one. I also suggest signing up for a site called We Camgirls. It is for all models and can help you to decide which site you would rather belong to and which sites are the most reputable. It is also a place that cam models can get in contact with one another, advertise and set up shows. The only link that is included in this section is for We Camgirls because they do not harbor too much explicit content on their site to be deemed immediately adult and is more of a Facebook for adult cam models. In order to find reputable cam modeling sites, this site has everything that you could need. If you do not find We Camgirls helpful, type the words "cam models" into Google search, you'll get tons of pages.

We Camgirls:

Affiliate Programs

There are several sites that have affiliate programs that you can put on your page. The more people you send to their site and the more sales they make from you, the more money you make.




A lot of sites have a referral program or an affiliate program. Check at the bottom of sales pages. I have included links to some of the programs that I am personally affiliated with.

Helpful Sites

There are many other sites that may be of help to you in order to find free, legitimate money making opportunities online.




If none of these help trying typing the phrase "make money online", or "make money online free" in Google search.

Nothing is Guaranteed

None of these opportunities are guaranteed to make you big bucks and if you are not willing to put in some work then none of these opportunities will make you big or fast money. These are more like supplemental programs to generate small amounts of income. You won't have to work as much as you would with programs like Avon and sales programs, and you won't have to bother people on the telephone or anything else, but you still have to work a bit in order to effectively make money.

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    • Lyrykell profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Miller 

      4 years ago from Apollo, Pennsylvania

      Thank you very much! I think the more information people can get online about making money the better ;)!

    • GoldenRod LM profile image

      John R Wilsdon 

      4 years ago from Superior, Arizona USA

      The nice thing about your hub was that you listed some new links to making money sites, at least for me. Thanks for the tips. Rated up.


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