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Making Money Online-Get Paid to Answer Questions and Have Fun

Updated on April 16, 2012

Making Money Online Can Be Fun

While some people are serious about needing to replace a full time income online, other people just want to be able to find a way where they can have fun doing something they enjoy and make a few bucks that may pay for a bill, or pay for a vacation, new car, or whatever.

With all of the new possibilities online with ways to make money, there is no reason why anyone who wants to apply themselves can't make some money online no matter what country they come from or what language they may speak.

The following places listed below are for both serious permanent jobs with companies that may require a resume submitted, as well as some sites where as a member, you can just answer questions and a few other tasks for participation and be paid a set amount. Browse through each one, see what appeals to you and then go from there.


paid .50-$3 per minute working on the site. Or get paid up to $100 per referral that asks a question and pays for an answer.

You can work whenever you want..Questions will be emailed to you and you can answer or not. Earnings are based on 25-50% of the money generated by site. the better your ratings the more you earn, if you are an expert you can earn up to 75%.

Get paid 25-50% of income earned by site which can amount up to $45 for having the best answer.

Get paid .20 for every question and more for expert answers that subscribers have paid for. Payout is $20 to paypal. Also get paid for referrals.

Share of the adsense revenue. this is a community based site. you browse around, answer questions and earn an income if people like your answer.

Here you can be paid to write reviews and answer questions. You can get up to $15 for your articles paid to paypal upfront and for answering questions you can be paid 50-80% of the revenue generated from the adsense.

Sign up and look through the available questions. If you are chosen as "best" by the person who asked the question, you can earn anywhere from $2-$25. If you are not chosen as the best, you will still receive 25-50% of the adshare revenues generated from the question.

This site works on a point system. You need to be active in the community to qualify for better pay and more income opportunities. For every question you answer, you earn a $1. You can also be paid for writing content. There are some members on this site who are really active earn between $200-$700 a month consistently.


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