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Making Money Online Thiesha's Advice

Updated on December 24, 2011

Thiesha's Advice on Making Money Online

Making Money Online

The biggest topic floating around the internet is how to make money online, or how can I make money online. People search for ways of making money and turn to various affiliate programs such as Clickbank and Commission Junction to attempt to make a profitable income online. The thing though that I have seen people turn to is writing for money. Yes, people (even me) utilize the opportunity to make money online writing about the things that they love or writing about the things that interest them with aspirations of getting paid for their thoughts.

Getting Started

For me, getting started on the path of writing to make money or even joining affiliate programs to earn money was simple because I could have done little marketing to promote my interests within my writing and promote my associations with affiliate websites.

The things that I had to consider were the start up costs of my marketing strategies. I thought, okay, there are free websites, programs, and other offers that I can use to promote my product, business, or affiliations and then I considered the non-free websites, programs, and offers. Of course, the free outweighed the costly ones, but I also realized that I would too have to pay for something.

I started out by listing all of the free resources available that I can use for marketing, and then I begin listing all of the non-free resources. Then I begin setting a budget for my marketing campaigns and all of my other marketing techniques or methods to make this a successful venture.

However, once I set my budget I had to know exactly what I was going to sell and to whom I was going to sell my products or services.

Knowing Your Audience

This is a very important step in any business venture – knowing your audience…your targeted market…your customers.

To make money online you will need to have a product or a service to offer. Now, the one thing that I have learned throughout my years of internet marketing is that you do not need to have a specific product or service to make money online. Why I say this? It sounds as if I am contradicting myself…right. Well, to justify this and to bring clarity to this way of thinking, you (just like many others) can promote products or services of businesses that allow you to do so – their products or services become your products and services.

Now that we know there is a way to promote several businesses products and services, let’s continue on your audience. However, before continuing we need to consider the time of year (e.g., winter, spring, summer, or fall).

I guess you are wondering why the seasons of the month…right. Well, it is simple…depending on the month of the year determines the product or service on demand. For example, during the summer and spring months of the year you have several products and services that sell more than other products or services such as insecticides and other bug sprays, picnic tables and chairs, Easter apparel and gifts…you get the point. These products and services sell well online and in stores and the company or people who utilize selling online or in stores profit tremendously during these seasonal months.

This is what I call knowing your audience and knowing what is hot and what is not in online marketing and selling online, and this is how you will begin making money online.

Do you see the connections…is it clear to you yet.

Pushing your product or service

This to me is the fun part of it all…pushing your product or service and doing so online is so much easier and simpler than the traditional ways of selling your products or services.

There are several ways you can push or market products or services. Like I said earlier you can become affiliated with businesses that will allow you to promote their products or services and once approved you can begin. However, this is if you do not already have your own brand product or service.

As you know social networking is booming the industries on every level because these social networking sites encompass millions even billions of people daily from just about every location in the world and with this knowledge possibilities are endless.

My suggestions would be to sign up on every social networking site available to join for free (for beginners). Grow your fan or friend base by getting as many friends as possible because the more friends you have the more of their friends (and the friends of their friends) you will also have to promote your business service or product.

Become affiliated with offline and online community organizations of the same interest and get engaged. Collaborate with different people by sharing your ideas, commenting on their ideas, and introducing your product or service. Do not force it…introduce it. This is very important because just when people think you are interested in their ideas then you turn around and enforce your products and services on them…people may tend and will possibly think you are befriending them just to promote your business, which is not a good marketing practice. People want to feel and know they have supporters of what is important to them and by engaging yourself with people (creating positive and meaningful relationships); ensures a sense of motivation and accomplishment.

Blog your ideas or blog about your products or services…this will allow you to add more to the world of you and what you do. What I have learned over the years is that people do not want to be given instructions (so to speak) people want to feel a connection with what you say or from what you offer. An easy way of doing this is (while writing your content) write as if you are speaking directly to each and every person who reads your blog posts. Do not and I repeat do not write as if you are talking to everyone in general…people will not feel a connection and will potentially leave your site because your information was not engaging enough.

This is the end of Part One: Advice on Making Money Online . Stay tuned for Part Two: Advice on Making Money Online More In-depth .

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