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Making Money Part Time Through Bartending

Updated on August 28, 2011

In many cities across the country, it is possible to make $20-30 an hour including tips on the weekends for a novice bartneder? If you have experience and training that number increases to $40-75 an hour. And many places will hire bartenders just to come in on the busy weekend shifts. Meaning...that if you need to supplement your income, you could potentially make over $1000 in a weekend.

Now, I am talking about real bartending here, not the local yokel beer and a shot bars. Nightclubs, lounges, casinos, downtown hotel bars, and busy restaraunt bars. However, it is important to note that you can't just walk in and take over like Tom Cruise. The art of bartending is making a comeback and training is necessary. Many chain restaraunts and hotels will train their bartenders internally. There are also many private bartending schools that will train you for a fee.

What do you get for your tuition? Well, this depends on the school. It could be as little as a recipe book to memorize, or as much as behind the bar training on what to make, bar etiquitte, refining your bar personality, and even assistance with job placement. There are even some schools that will train you on how do deal with those customers who have over-imbibed.

Imagine, you can go from watching TV on Friday and Saturday night to being the center of attention to hundreds for the entire night and walking away with cash in pocket.

To find out more about how to get into bartending just Google "bartending schools."


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    • Terishere profile image

      Terishere 6 years ago

      I was a bartender for 12 years. The money was great!!

      I learned on the job at a small bar. The training was great and I learned how to deal with many types of people.

      After that, I moved on to a nightclub to tend bar. The money was amazing! If you're good with people and a fast worker, you will have customers which only want you to serve them...