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Making Money Through Online Writing Called Blogging

Updated on June 7, 2013
Jevannel profile image

Jevannel is a College Instructor. She takes teaching as a job and freelance writing as a career.

Starting How to Create a Blog

Before anything else, defining what a blog is could help you understand how a simple writing hobby can turn into a stable source of real cash online.

Creating a blog is like maintaining your online journal. You can write anything you want with no limitations. Any topic is good as long as you are interested to write about it. This is like a free writing hobby that could be one of the effective ways to relieve stress.

Indeed, blogging is fun. Added to this is the fact that you can earn money through this simple writing. This is the reason why many stay at home moms, young professionals, students and even retirees are enjoying the comfort of their homes doing blogging tasks.

Here are few steps to follow on how you start blogging and at the same time earning:

1) Select the blogging platform you will use. There are many platforms to choose from like Blogger, Wordpress, and more.

2) Create an account on the chosen platform. Things would follow like getting your blog title, template and you are now ready to write your first post.

Now, the big question is how you can make money with blogging.

Clicking Ads

With the help of Google AdSense and other websites that pay you to put some ads on your side bars, you can earn from every click of your readers on those ads. You will surely earn more if you could build heavy traffic on your blog because each click’s value depends on the popularity of your site.

Direct Hiring

Many advertisers prefer to hire blog owners to write a review for their products that they need to promote on their potential customers. The higher the traffic of your blog, the greater the possibility that you will be hired and get more blogging opportunities.

Selling Text Links

Online employers also gave earning opportunities for blog owners to sell text links. The one who maintains the blog and sells the links will get the commission from every sale.

Indeed, you will just earn cents from blogging unless you will be directly hired. However, for people who enjoy the passive income system of this blogging career, this is a great way to earn extra money with no worries of going outside your home.

If you will be able to establish good business relationship with your advertisers as well as your online writing employers, you can bring your blogging job to the next level by getting more projects, thus making this a full time job and stable source of money.

You can spend time flipping those social media sites for the purpose of updating your status and chatting with friends. Why not spend your extra time doing productive stuffs like blogging. No need to be a professional writer to maintain a blog, just the passion to earn real cash online is all what is takes to be successful.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Some good advice. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Mir 4 years ago

      Iam indian a uk residont for past 40 years and interested to find a best gost for my book , please give me same info ? As to how go about .

      My moble no 00447877492383 if you massage me your no so I can call to discous .