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Making Money With Blogger

Updated on March 8, 2011

Making Money with Blogger

There are lots of folks there that are trying to make money with Blogger some are successful while some are not. Here i will tell you that how you can make money from Blogger. These all come from my personal experience. So I will tell you what I have learned so far.

When one starts to make a blog in terms of making money. First they see that there traffic is increasing then after some time it starts to drop, or not comes to the point where you want it to be.

The one basic question that one should ask of him/herself that why his/her blog is not successful ? What are the steps that I can make to reach to maximum audience ( traffic ) and get clicks ( the main purpose ).

On the blogger, when you have the desire to make money you need to remember one thing that is Content , by content I mean quality content, if your content on which you are writing is not of good quality you will attract small amont of traffic and this will benefit only in short run, you can't get benefit in the long run. So here is the catch If you know you grammar is not good, first make it good. Then on which topic you want to write, think about it, do extensive search on it. Then write it down that will create much better article. The first rule of quality content is know your audience! if you do know your audience than you can write exactly for them, if you don't know your market then do search. So you got the two basic golden principles.

1. Quality Content

2. Audience


Yes the base of all things ( not all but still most important ), when you write about on any topic, use specific keywords for it. Like you like to write about any thing related to Heart Disease then look for what audience types in search engines. How much competition is there for the specific keyword, etc. For this you need

1. Google Keywords Tool ( easily found by searching in google )

2. Google Trends

Google keyword is very powerful tool that will help you set your targets. Key words are also used in images to define them, so when ever you upload your images, do give them specific names related to your topic, because if you don't search engines won't be able to find your images and the person who typed keywords in search engine will be directed to some other image of that specific keyword. Don't lose this it's the base.

The second one is Google trends this helps you find what is going on right now in world, which topics are hot, which are rising, which ones are falling, google trends gives you insight of what people are looking for.

Blog Directories

When you have much of well written content on your blog than you go for blog directortires and social book marking sites, if you submit to these, it will bring traffic to your blog. Blog directories and social bookmarking sites provide you with opportunity of backlinks ( the number of sites pointing towards to your website ).There are two ways to submit to directories auto and manual. Manual is good but time consuming, Auto is effective and time saving but degrades on search engine so be careful. The Social bookmarking and blog directories which I use are as:

1. Digg

2. Delicious

3. 2leep

4. facebook

5. Remember the milk

6. TopBlogging.

7. BlogTopList

8. BlogExlosion.

9. BlogDigger.

10. 2-Review.

11. SubmitBlogNow

12. Bloggeries.

13. Blogs-Collection.

14. Blogged.

15. Bloggapedia.

16. LSblogs.

17. BlogRanking.

18. BlogCatalog.

19. Blogelites

20. GetBlogs.

21. Blogoriffic

22. Search4Blogs.

23. BlogTopSites.

24. Blogion.

25. GlobeOfBlogs

26. BlogBal.

27. TopBlogArea.

28. Bloggernity.

29. BlogPoint.

30. Blogarama

31. BlogPoint

32. BlogPulse

33. Blog-Search

34. Blog-Collector

35. FuelMyBlog.

36. Blogs.

37. Blogflux

38. WorldTopBlogs

39. Dmegs

40. MyBloglog

41. MyBlogDirectory.

42. eBlogzilla

43. MyBlog2u

44. BlogRateDirectory

45. AddUrlBlog

46. BlogsDirectory.

47. Blog-Search

48. Technorati ( My Favorite )

Submit your site to Search Engines

This one is also important, when you create your website you need to submit your website to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask. This helps the search engines to find and add your website to their search engines if you don't do this it may take very long time for search engines to find your website. For Google you need to go to you can also submit your site by webmaster tool in google. Same is with Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, type in google site submission to Yahoo,Bing.


When you make blog you need to ping to search engines. Ping tells search engines about your blog that hey search engines I exist find me here. You got the point :). The service which I use is


Just go to this website enter your website address and hit enter you will be pinged. Note: Ping only 1-2 times in month doing more often will degrade your website that's what I heard.

Social Networker

There are lot's of social networkers outthere. A Social networker helps you to send your status to multiple plateforms by one click of button. The which I use is

1. Hellotxt


The on I use is hellotxt. Here you have to register first, then it provides you a list of networks like facebook, bibo etc there are almost 43 network services it provides. If you are not registered on any one of them you have to first register on each of these sides then you can add them to hellotxt, after that it's just one click and all your networks are updated with your current status, easy peasy. The same method appllies to

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

When you are designing website or blog you need to add meta's in your webpage. If you don't know anything about Meta tags and meta descriptions, how to create them. I have found a great guide on it, you can read it HERE.

Money Making With Blogger By Applying For ______________

1. Adsense

Adsense is ad running application which if you apply to blog and if some one click on it you are paid for it. If you have enough content written you will get adsense easily but if there is not enough content you can't get adsense. I don't know that how many exact posts should be there for approval, what I learned is that at least 50-60 well written content should be on blog for approval. If you own a pictures blog then same rules will be applied. According to Google a site must be navigable means that should be enough material to navigate.

2. Kontera

The second on my list is Kontera, Kontera is text based marketing means that it makes links to relevant keywords you hower over the word and a new window opens, which if your potential clickers click you get money.

3. Infolinks

Same as Kontera, you can apply for both at same time.

4. Adbrite

More powerful then adsense as you have the ability to customize the ads in a sense which are more paying.

5. Advertising

A very good earning website. If your blog has huge traffic then go for this website.

Well this was all from my side, hope it will help you in making and ranking a good blog and also this is some part of SEO.

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