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Making Money With Clickbank Affiliate Program

Updated on November 5, 2010


Making Money on Clickbank affiliate program is one of the joys of internet Marketers.
Clickbank affiliate Marketing has become a buzz word for the internet!
 The Internet has opened flowering business in all sorts of ways.

It costs nothing to design a website.

Anyone can write a blog.

Putting ads on your pages takes minutes further requiring no selling, no job and moreover no trouble at all.

And the revenues could be good.

Millions of people have joined the Internet business revolution and have either swapped their term occupation for days of
 writing articles, or are enjoying some  extra money in what they love doing.

But earning on the Internet isn’t limited to ad clicks and free content.

Some of the most popular goods bought and sold online are digital information goods.

These are items that you can’t find in credit stores and which are downloaded from the Internet.
 They might include software but generally they’re ebooks and newsletters.

The advantage for the buyer is that he doesn’t equivalent have to leave his house and drive  to
the bookstore to get them. Nor does he has to wait considering an online store to process his order,
stick the carton in the mail further in that the mail carrier to supply before he can receive his purchase.

With a digital information product, a customer buys what he online and receive it immediately.

That’s a huge benefit.

And for the creators of the products, building them is simple, marketing them is easy and once your system is
developed and running, you can sit back and allow the automation to run by itself.

That’s positively the biggest benefit of info products like these. They create a passive revenue stream
that continues to generate income steady even if you’re sleeping, watching television, soaking up rays on the beach… or
working on your next great idea.

You won’t have to find a retailer, fill your garage with wholesale goods or lay out on expensive production costs
 leadership for
the hope that the sales will recover your investment.

With digital info products, you just have to create the goods, upload them and manage the money when people want
 to download them.

And the really good news is that you don’t  have to create a product of your own to benefit from this

It’s again possible to take a share of the sales price of  people’s information product by promoting them on your
websites. That’s very plain to establish besides it subjection still actualize large amounts of latent income without
 the stress
involved in packaging a product yourself.

Whether you choose to sell your own information products though, or promote others’ for a cut of the sales price, there’s
a great service that’s just invaluable. is the place to find digital information wares to buy, sell… and to promote.

The online store lists thousands of items and a range of different categories, and lets each publisher submit their own products.

For publishers, certainly automatically have sales outlet for your products. But it also means that you have
 access to thousands of affiliate sellers who can’t wait to promote your exercise whereas you.

In this report, I’m going to explain how to make it big out of ClickBank.

I’ll start by talking about creating your own information products. That’s where most of the money is and it’s really
 not hard !

I’ll figure how to pick a topic for an ebook, plan your chapters… and hire a ghostwriter if you don’t want to do it
yourself. Then it’s partly just a creator of besides setting a price and sitting back to enjoy the income

I say “almost” now while ClickBank is a very powerful marketing tool you have to comprehend how to begin the enormous
easy work in it.
Having explained how to commence the sorts of products you power present through the site, I’ll include some of the highly
important marketing strategies you’ll need to engage to generate sales again pick spreading affiliates.

And finally, I’ll talk about how you can create capital selling other people’s products that you find on ClickBank.

This is how indeed  ClickBank’s users make their money and there’s no reason why couldn’t join  that bonanza too.

Whether you want to be a producer or a seller, ClickBank is a valuable portal for every online marketer. It’s
 certainly something you should discern about — also use.

Let’s start by creating an ebook…

Many people wish to be writers. They  like spending time  turning  stories
 books that folks will pay to read.

Very few people exorbitantly manage it.

ClickBank won’t help you to do that either.

It won’t turn you into a Nobel prize-winning novelist.

But honest can turn you into a writer who gets well-paid owing to producing manuals that bring veritable benefits to readers.

In fact, you can expect to make additional money for each sale than gob top-selling writer ever receives.

That’s one of the amazing things about information products sold online.

Write a book about earning from videography, for example, get a publisher and get it into bookstores, and you might
 make a buck or two from the $24.95 cover price.

Write the same tale and put it on ClickBank and you can charge $50 further receive considering 90 percent of the sales

It’s a huge difference, and it’s having a real give impulse on anyone considering turning what they know into a venture
that can succour others.

And it’s the help the book brings to others that’s the point. Selling ebooks is never about the product. It’s about
 what the product can do to people who buy it.

That’s why anyone can be an author.

Everyone has access to some specialized knowledge that people crave to know… again would expend their funds to know.

If you’re a doctor, you’ve got plenty of knowledge about staying healthy that other kin would love to enjoy too.

If you’re a top-selling insurance agent, you’ve got all sorts of sales strategies that business owners would covetously like to
 know about.

If you collect model railways, every contrasting dummy railway enthusiast would want to be versed where you consent
 your trains and
 how you keep them running.

If you have information that other kinsfolk want to fathom — besides everyone has wisdom like this — thereupon you can create
a book that push up sales on ClickBank.

Getting Started With ClickBank

Choosing A Topic

ClickBank offers publishers a broad rank of categories.

Traditional publishing is a heavy business. Publishers have to pay their writers in advance. They have to settle the
 printers, the  designers, the editors also the transportation costs involved.

And then they have to find ways to make the stores to put their books in places buyers are scheduled to see them.

Most books don’t make those costs back. Publishers admission to fund them by producing the odd blockbuster that covers the
expenses of all the loss leaders.

That means that publishers are immoderately choosy about the books that they agree to take on. They wanting to emblematize
 actual that each book
 will generate enough sales to cope their expenses, further they want to keep their list of loss-making publications to a

The result is that publishers nurture to focus on a few topics that they’re reasonably confident will make money.

ClickBank works in a very at variance way.

It makes no difference to ClickBank whether it’s philanthropy a hundred books or a million. To clickbank it doesn’t matter
 books are explaining the secret to working the money markets or teaching people how to interlace a sweater their grandchildren
 will love.

It doesn’t even mean to ClickBank if those books never sell a copy, and if the book it offers  receives
 more than three
downloads each.

That’s because it doesn’t cost ClickBank a penny to instance products on its site. It doesn't have to spend on  printing
costs or  other up-front fees.

All it has to do is offer a list of products that affiliates might enthusiastically want to sell and give those affiliates
 a way of getting

That hardly costs a thing and that Clickbank has no reason to say no to any book for it doesn’t buy the topic will sell.

In theory then, you could copy a book on any subject you can think of, place it on ClickBank and make money from it.

However, what you’ll find is that there are far additional books on ClickBank that promise to make you rich than there
are books that promise to keep you nice besides ovenlike in a hand-knitted sweater.

There’s a strikingly good reason for that.

If you request someone to fork out $25 for a book, they’ll plan to get maximum satisfaction fro reading it.

If you’re asking them to fork out $50  to a book, they’ll expect their money back...

That’s a much easier fancy to meet if the book explains how to make a sanguineness selling lemonade from your garage, or
how to work two hours a year outsourcing figure you do to a team of beavers in Burkina Faso.

It’s not utterly hard to justify charging $50 — or more — for products like these.

A book like this is certainly one option and anyone can write it. The ultimate thing to do is think about how what you
 are informed about could help someone else earn some money.

So if you coached a junior soccer team, you could rewrite a book explaining how to set up a business selling sports equipment. All you’d swallow to do is chronicle what you know about the companies you covenant with every week.

If you love cooking, you could write a novel explaining how to gift recipes, hawk cakes or become a personal chef.

And if you’re an insurance agent, a financial analyst or a Realtor, you shouldn’t have measure problem at all coming
 up with a book idea that promises to bring people money.

But that doesn’t mean you should.

Books like these are a crowded info market. You have to be cogent to persuade people that your book will deliver
the results your book promises and you have to persuade them that it’s worth $50 or whatever you’re planning to charge for

The Web is full of books that promise to make people rich, then you’ll need a good landing page to stand out, build trust
 and establish sales.

They’re not for everyone.

An  alternative then is just to break ground a book that teaches kinsfolk to motivate something that you know...
also other kin would revel in to know.

That could perform a  about soccer coaching techniques.

It could be a book about subsistence Creole food.

And it could be a book about home decoration, knitting or absolutely anything else.

You might not be willing to charge $50 for books like these but with the relevant marketing, you might sell more copies
at a lower price besides generate fresh profits overall.

Most importantly, if they’re topics you enjoy, they should stand for more pleasant to write... which would make them more
 fun to read too.

When you come to pick a problem to write then, you can either settle for a business-style book which will require hard marketing and tricky sales writing or you importance go for something less call but more fun — besides could horizontal be equally profitable.

That’s a choice that only you can make.

There’s a lot supplementary that could be said about ClickBank, but the best path to learn about the site is to register,
choose a product you like and begin to promote it. It won’t just be an education — it will be the type that pays you

Get started with Clickbank now. Click here!

Download This Book For Free:


Before talking about ClickBank a make good explanation for anyone who is fairly new to the world of Internet marketing.

The most common - and simplest - way to get important on the Net is to grow into an 'affiliate' which means you get paid commission for forming sales of other people's products. You leave the whole task of struggle creation, openwork sales copy, order processing and customer support, to the vendor: your occupation is cleverly to get the word independent about the product. You are liable an affiliate link which leads the customer to the sales residence and identifies you as the person who gets credit if a sale is fabricated. One of the most melodious align programs is ClickBank. They are in fact the world's largest provider of digital products - essentially ebooks and software. You can choose from for 30,000 merchandise in many categories and their affiliate program is routine to join.

As a guide the average price of a ClickBank product is $41. The average commission rate is 55%, although the top sellers
often offer a much higher rate e.g 70% or 75% (the extreme). We can say that success with ClickBank boils down
to - selecting a suitable go - promoting (getting the knowledge known) about the product.

How to succeed with ClickBank

If you are not a ClickBank affiliate sign up now, it's free. Sign up here
You will need to choose an id or 'nickname' also this will appear in your affiliate links so that you will
gain credit due to your sales.

Selecting a suitable product

Finding the product

You can search owing to a product at the ClickBank market place where several thousand vendors put their commodities
in an organized directory.

Is the product good to promote?
a) By looking at the product price and commission rates You should aim for products with a reasonable rate of commission, say 50%, to make your efforts worthwhile.
Be judicious that ClickBank deducts transaction fees from a sale: here is a calculator.

b) Is original an in-demand plug in ?

The Marketplace listings are ranked by popularity, forasmuch as you can envisage which are the in-demand items.
Popularity is determined by a number of factors, the main being the amount of sales again the number of affiliates
making sales within the time frame of 8 weeks. Note therefore that a product at the low end may still turn out to be
popular especially if it is new.

c) How converting is the sales page ?

Visit the sales page of the product to provide that the sales copy does a just job of selling the essay.
(There's another important factor - sales page leaks)

Check  the affiliate support
The vendor should provide you with much more than just a link to the affiliate program. Check for any useful
promotional material (e.g. grandstand play ads, articles, solo mailings, endorsement/reviews, signatures). Ideally
qualified cede emblematize an affiliate mailing catalogue so that the vendor guilt fetch useful news. You want someone
reliable who won't disband a program or make decree changes without energetic you.

Tip: Check how responsive the vendor is with a simple enquiry.

Warning - look owing to sales page "leaks"
As an affiliate you want the visitor to master through the sales page and hit that direction button with you getting credit
 seeing the sale. There are a many  reasons why this does not happen

1. There is an pronounced link on the affiliate sign up. Your customer could simply become an affiliate and purchase
the shot himself.

2. The vendor offers multiple payment options so if ClickBank is not chosen you do not get the commission.

3. Your product is just unique of many unrelated commodities on a page - a put-off to the potential customer.
(The reason for this usually is that all the wares belong to one ClickBank account which is restricted to specific
 one rank landing page ).

4. Plenty external links which distract the visitor from entering the order page.

5. The vendor captures your commission. There are offers to join a mailing list or claim a free report:
 you should get credited for share sale succeeding from these leads but an unscrupulous vendor deceive the buyer to enter
 on the sale via his let on link. Similarly the vendor may use a pop up upon exiting
 a site to convert a leaving visitor into a sale considering which you do not strike the credit.

Promoting the product
Sign up for the affiliate program

Once you are jolly that the affiliate program is worth promoting again does not suffer from 'leaks' you can hang around
 your affiliate link, known as a hoplink. It has the design where you
 substitute xxxxxxxx  your nickname.

You should check the validity by clicking on it and following through to the ClickBank order page where you should see
[affiliate=yournickname] at the bottom. If not then you may have incorrectly formatted your hoplink or it's possible that
 the affiliate program has been discontinued.

Link cloaking
The basic hoplink is not 'protected'. A customer can wittily substitute his own style and touch mission for the hold. known
 are techniques besides instruments which can encrypt (or cloak) your hoplink to prevent link theft.

Getting traffic
You since want to get targetted visitors clicking on your hoplink and making a purchase.
A good affiliate routine may assure useful promotional cloth. The whole theory of getting traffic and advertising is beyond
the scope of this thing but can be got within this site.

Tip: If you acquiesce and good the product it's very recommended that you provide a review exposition exactly how besides
 why you use it.


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    • sustainable profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Andrew!

    • Andrew0208 profile image


      7 years ago from Zion

      Clickbank marketplace is quite a resourceful affiliate network to reckon with it. Thanks for this insightful hub on the same.

    • sustainable profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      You can open clickbank as a Nigerian but not from Nigeria.

    • smartlaw profile image


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Oga Chinedu, Please with all these your Gramma, how can I open Click Bank Account for Nigeria here, awaiting your reply...


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