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Making Money With InboxPounds: Is it Worth it?

Updated on March 14, 2018

A lot of Sites Like it

Inboxpounds is a website that pays you to do a whole host of things, you are paid to read emails, complete offers and take surveys. They have been around for a long time and have a long history of paying their members, so they are legitimate. But with so many similar sites available, is it worth bothering to try to make some money with InboxPounds?


You get sent on average 2 emails to read per day, with a value of 1p per email. They are sent to your email address too which is kind of a nice reminder to log on if you don't do it regularly. With only 2 emails per day, it isn't really worth logging on just for that, particularly considering the threshold is so high at £20. So if you do log on to the site, you might as well try some other stuff whilst you are there.

The Layout

The whole site is a bit of a mess to look at and it is really difficult to navigate, they have tried to make everything eye catching, which means nothing stands out and you really kind of have to feel your way around the site.


There are a whole load of offers you can do at InboxPounds, and they will sometimes credit and they sometimes won't. But if you contact the admin with ample proof then you will be able to get your account credited eventually. The offers don't change that often, and you will see the same ones over and over again which is a pain because you will only be able to do them once or you will risk your account being banned.

I have found through personal experience, that it's only worth logging on to complete offers about once a fortnight, even then, only a few will have been updated.


This has got to be my least favourite section, despite being in an "ideal" demographic for surveys, I qualify for maybe 1 in 10 surveys if I am lucky. And the ones that I do qualify have a really nasty habit of freezing on one particular page, or telling me 14 minutes in to a 15 minute survey that I didn't meet the criteria!

This is where the admin fall down. They basically tell you that "sometimes we have problems and there's not much we can do, better luck next time" which is not very helpful at all. This kind of thing shouldn't be allowed to happen on survey sites.


Not a function I really bothered with as the results weren't good, but for every 4 valid searches you make, you will earn a certain amount of money, it is normally 1p. Their definition of valid searches is unclear, but they don't allow searches where small variations are made on the previous search, for example, Robert Downey would be a valid search, but if you searched Robert Downey Jr after it, you wouldn't be credited.

The results page isn't worth using so I really wouldn't bother.


Payment through PayPal isn't an option for some reason, which I think in this day and age is silly, payment can only be made via a prepaid mastercard, an Amazon gift certificate or a cheque.

I have only ever made payout once and I chose an Amazon gift card because I heard some stories about requesting the cheque and it not turning up for ages, and when it did, it was voided. Your first payment can take weeks to process, even choosing an Amazon gift card, but once you have been paid once, they say payments are weekly. But I haven't cashed out twice so I couldn't comment.

Is InboxPounds Worth it?

No, I really don't think so, other people might think it is, but in my experience it isn't. The admin are helpful when they want to be, the rewards for surveys are really small and reading the emails is next to pointless. The offers aren't updated very often and payout options are limited, I have had £4.80 in my account (I know it says dollars, but it is pounds) for ages now and haven't bothered with the site for a long time because that number never seems to get any bigger no matter how hard I try.


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    • Claire-louise profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Raymond 

      17 months ago from UK

      Yes it's really frustrating isn't it?

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      17 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Yes I've found that with the surveys, I'm rarely 'qualified' to take part in them. It's taken me gawd knows how long to get to £16. Some surveys I've managed to do in the past, but it's hard work making money on there.


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