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Making Money With TRAINNs

Updated on July 9, 2011

How to cash in on freebie incentive sites.

Chances are you have seen advertisements that tell you you can receive items for free, but you have to sign up and complete several expensive offers before you can receive your "free" item. These sites are really legitimate, they are paid well by the companies that advertise their offers. However, I can tell you a much easier and less expensive way to get products (or cash) for free.

TRAINN (Transcendent Innovations, Inc.) sites are a great way to make money on the internet - all you have to do is sign up on one of the sites and complete ONE Level A offer, get others to sign up under your referral link and once you have gotten the required number of referrals, you can receive cash or prizes. This is not a scam or joke - you really can get money or prizes and I want to show you how!!

TRAINN has many different sites available which offer you a choice of the prizes you want to work for. Once you have completed the site however, you may not use it again. If you try to sign up on a site more than once, you will be put on hold, and you definitely don't want that. Here is a list of the sites:

  • YourFreeZuneHd
  • YourFreeHDtv
  • YourFreeNetbook
  • FlashiPods4Free
  • DVDRecorders4Free
  • 3604Free
  • YourFreeFlatScreen
  • YourFreeVideoiPods
  • YourPS34Free
  • YourFree360Games
  • DesktopComputers4Free
  • YourNintendoWii4Free
  • YouriPodNano4Free
  • 360Elite4Free
  • YourFreeiPhone
  • YouriPodTouch4Free
  • YourFreeiStuff
  • YourGiftCards4Free
  • YourCamera4Free

You can join a forum and get your referrals by advertising to pay for them - $25 is the usual going price for a referral or you can trade referral for referral which means you would be someone else's referral on another site.  You can also put your referral link in a rotator by meeting certain requirements on the particular forum.  Many forums have "conga lines" or referral banks where you can get free referrals. 

You can also create a video on YouTube and promote your sites there, or you can blog about them like this blog here.   Why not get started today? 


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    • profile image

      Free Referrals 6 years ago

      Very informative and True.

      I have been doing this for 4 yrs now