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Making Money at Textbroker

Updated on March 13, 2021
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What is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a broker website helping clients and writers connect and do business. Sometimes these sites are called content mills because writers are not making very much money per hour, yet for some writers Textbroker is a great place to practice copywriting/ghostwriting for businesses and make some money for their efforts. In this review of Textbroker I'll share what insights I've gleaned from my experiences there over the last few months.

Why Write Content?

Writing content isn't the same as writing opinion pieces or fiction pieces. When you write for places like Textbroker your articles are sold to clients with exclusive rights. This means you can't use the article again and they can edit it and/or put their name on it. This may scare some writers off and I understand why, yet these aren't the type of articles that I really care what happens to. I'm selective on what topics I write about, avoiding opinion and culture pieces; I stick to writing for services, either describing their offerings or discussing a related topic.

The types of articles you'll write are about products, services, template instructions, and other similar pieces. You can choose the articles you want to write, so you will feel comfortable with writing projects. For instance, I've written articles like "Benefits of Diesel Generators", "Roofing Your Home in the Winter", "The Proper Sales Funnel for Your Website', and "Best Foods in Chicago". Most of the articles are 300-700 words long and have some simple instructions including keywords to add.

Textbroker is a quality user-friendly website to use. They pay every week through Paypal and the support staff is responsive and helpful. The pay is fair for the trade and the availability of work is usually decent.


How To Get Started With Textbroker

When I first started writing online I was intimidated by the application processes of some content broker sites. Once I got over this I started to apply and Textbroker ended up working out just as it stated. I was working and making money in a matter of a week. They first ask you for a short article about a certain general topic they give. They then take this article and rate it from 2-5 and give you access to the job board. Then you will write five articles and wait for those five articles to be rated by Textbroker, then after one week you'll get your second rating from those five articles. This will be your rating for the next month at least.

Most of the work there is for four-star writers, but there is still a good amount for three and two-star writers. Initially, I was rated a four from my application article, but after the first five articles submitted I was rated down to a three.

Getting started will take anywhere from one to two weeks generally to be able to start writing as much as you can. One positive aspect about Textbrokers is they were very prompt and responsive with getting me started. I was pleasantly surprised by the quickness I was able to start writing. I've tried other content writing sites and with the exception of Hirewriters I've been disappointed by the application processes. I either never received a response (Content Authority), they weren't accepting writers at that time, or I failed some grammar test (WordGigs).

Making Money With Textbroker

It's a good idea with content writing to have a few different places to write, so when one place doesn't have much work you'll still be able to make money. Textbroker pays every Friday through Paypal. You have to have $10 in your account and then request a payout by Thursday night. I've had no problems concerning payments.

The amount you'll make for writing there is anywhere from .007-.02 cents per word. You can make more with team orders or direct orders. The two-star writers make the .007 per word, three stars make .01 cents per word, four-star writers make .015 per word, and five star makes .02 per word. The majority of the work available is in the four-star category. The articles are generally around 500 words long, and you'll have 24 hours to complete them. Sometimes you'll have longer depending on the client.


General Information About Textbroker

The format is user-friendly and professional. You'll be able to look at the jobs and see exactly what clients want. You can even see the history of the clients' rejection and revision rates. If the client requests a revision you'll have another 24 hours to complete it. They have to ask for one revision at least before they reject the piece. If you get an invalid rejection this won't hurt your rating because Textbroker reviews rejections to see if they were valid.

One notable aspect about Textbroker is the ratings are calculated by the administration themselves and not the clients. They will rate your last five articles and give you a new rating once a month. I haven't yet received a second rating from them, so I'm guessing they aren't always prompt about giving update ratings. So, if you are a two or three-star you can move up the proverbial ladder; conversely, you can move down. They show you their edits and how they rated the articles and from what I've seen they are fair.

Depending on how talented and knowledgeable you are as a writer determines the amount you can make. If you can write 5-10 articles a day, then you can make $20-$70/day. If you are a four-star writer or writing for Textbroker clients who directly contact you through your Textbroker dashboard, then you can make over $50/day if you work five hours or more a day.

From my experience as a three-star writer, I've made about $5-$20/day writing 1-3 articles a day. Since I started working for Hirewriters as well, I've split my time between the two. Generally, I made about $4.50/hr working for TB, as it took me a good hour to write a 500-word article. That's not very good money, but it was better than nothing and I was able to practice my writing. If you are motivated and the work is there to be had, you could make $1,000/month realistically from this site. If you rise to a five-star writer, have direct orders, and work team orders, your potential is even better.


Some writers may be reluctant to tell other writers about sites like this because they may come and take away the jobs. I understand this defensive strategy, yet I also want to help people get paid for writing. It's always been my dream to make money as a writer, and now from sites like this, I've realized this dream in small measure. Even though it's not enough to work full-time, the money helps and the writing practice has been good. So far, I've made a couple hundred from Textbroker and will continue to work there. I'd recommend this site to clients and writers, as it's a quality site with a great service for both.

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© 2014 Robbie Newport


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