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Making Money through Writing

Updated on March 10, 2016

Making money through writing has become a way of life for writers. This kind of work opened opportunities to people who have talent in writing. There are many ways of making money through writing. All that we need to have is dedication to write. However, it is a must to make every piece of written compositions count. Conventional writers are known to protect their reputation by doing their job excellently. The competence of each writer is measured by the number of patrons or the number of books sold by every writer. Bestselling books means that the author is highly regarded.

The comparison between publishing through internet and writing through print publication
Writing and publishing through the internet and print publication are similar, however, in order to have access to articles written in print you have to buy the book or magazine where the composition or articles are written. Online articles on the other hand is freely viewed, all that is needed is a computer and access to the internet. Writing for print publication differs in payment with writing articles and publishing through the internet. Authors of books are usually paid in advance prior to publication of their work. Advance payment guarantees that their work is to be compensated. If their books are already out in the market they have percentage to the sale which is known as Royalties.

Online articles are paid in many ways. There are writers who sell their articles to buyers of written compositions. These buyers would usually ask writers to write something about a particular subject or termed as niche which is related to their businesses. They usually buy articles about the things that they are promoting online or even to businesses which are not internet based. Once they buy these compositions it becomes theirs as if they were the ones who wrote it. This does not mean that people who buy online compositions or articles do not know how to write, some of these buyers just do not have the time to write articles or compositions for themselves, or it is possible that they do not have the talent to express their ideas in writing.

Online written compositions or articles can also have regular income stream if published in various web hosting sites that accommodate advertisements. Affiliate marketing programs are also being promoted using articles. Most of the procedure in Internet or Affiliate marketing involves Articles. Writers doing online articles are paid the soonest that they sell their compositions, or on a regular basis in the case of compositions or articles that consistently earns through online advertisements.

Authors of print publications have legally binding contracts with their publishers prior to selling their written work, while online writers though agrees with the terms and conditions of the sites they submit their articles to do not really have a profound legally binding contract with the site. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to impose legal coverage between contracting parties of different nationalities. Furthermore, when it comes to legal agreements laws are generally limited to cover contracting parties of the same nationality. Generally a foreign national may only be held accountable to laws of a particular nation if he or she does something to compromise that nations’ sovereignty or national security.

Now, it may seem to appear that online writers can be at a disadvantage at some point but if you carefully think about it there are risks even in print publication. Either ways it is important to be cautious in all dealings may it be in print publication or online publication. In order to make money through writing it is important to have trust and confidence between writers and publishers.

Efficiency of Making Money through Writing
The efficiency of making money through writing has been proven since it began centuries ago, and with the introduction of the internet it even went far beyond the conventional method. Although it has been a business practice for centuries not all people are aware that they can earn through writing. This kind of business practice will remain and was even simplified with the emergence of the internet. There are other online methodologies being presented by people who consider themselves as online business experts, things like doing videos and all sort of stuff. Sure they make good presentations visually but it is important to consider that there are audiences online who appreciates substantial content.

This concludes that we cannot separate visuals from contents because it is what is written that provides substance to what is visually illustrated.

Passion is Key in Making Money through Writing
Making money through writing requires passion. Not all people are gifted in writing. For those who have passion in writing it does not end in merely knowing how to write. Writing requires constant growing enthusiasm, for it is a way of communicating thoughts to various audiences. Many people who are good in writing often forget the priorities why they write. Some writers forgot that their primary goal is to write compositions or articles with substance and not just merely organize words.

The primary goal of a good writer is to ensure that his or her thoughts are written comprehensively. Thoughts will only be organized and written well if there is passion for doing it. In making money through writing the primary consideration is the content of the composition, and the monetary part is merely secondary.

The goal may be to make money through writing. However, if a written piece is not worth reading or lacks passion it will not have the substance that is expected of it. And so a poorly written composition will not earn anything hence the goal for writing. Writers should understand that writing has to have a heart. It should not just make an impression it has to go beyond far more than just making a good impression.

Writers should put their soul on what they write. Their readers should be able to relate with their article. An article has to make a connection to its readers hence simple words should be used. Good authors always consider the welfare of their readers. The primary consideration should be a readable article that is direct to the point and can be easily understood.

The common mistake writers usually make is writing the same thoughts in various paragraphs, although editors may not be able to see it most of the time, the draw back is that readers would lose their interest in such articles. Eventually, instead of generating an income stream the article becomes stagnant and useless because it only floats on the web splitting traffic for nothing.

Passion for writing is an indispensable factor in making money through compositions or articles. Before thinking of making money through writing, the authors’ primary consideration should be focused on how to make quality compositions or articles that will be appealing to readers. If the author or writer is passionate in composing well written articles then making money through writing will also be convenient.


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