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Making Money with Slice the Pie!

Updated on June 16, 2014
Craig Easom profile image

Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Making money- Made simple with ''Slice the Pie''
Making money- Made simple with ''Slice the Pie'' | Source

''Slice the Pie'' Intro.

''Slice the Pie'' is a music review website which allows anyone to join for free and review up and coming music before it is released onto mainstream. The website simply allows the user to use their email address associated with their Paypal account in order to receive payments and then simply review music. After setting up an account with the website which is simple as can be, the home page will be the area where you listen to music which will be random after choosing your preferred music genres. Remember- be honest as if you select country music when you are not a fan then you will likely wind up listening to a lot of country music which if you hate it then you will be bored by what you hear, affecting your reviews negatively. I chose a variety of music genres at this point including pop, rock, electric etc. which allowed myself to listen to music which would be enjoyable for me. I advise you do the same and then simply start listening to music which will last a short while then allowing you to write a review to the side indicated on the screen which must then be submitted, automatically giving you payment.

The payment will be per song which will differ depending on the quality of your reviews as the quality is key in your reviews in order for you to receive the highest payout. Now the payouts per song will vary from about 7 cents to about 30 cents, so I advise utilising your time effectively writing quality reviews, not vast quantitative research as this isn't going to instantly earn you more money.

The minimum payout on the site in total in order to get payment into your Paypal account is $10. This will not take you an awful amount of time to earn if you dedicate about an hour a day to using the website reviewing music. I have heard of people in the past earning $10 an hour using the site but this will only be made possible if you can get about 25 cents per song. Certainly doable but I would advise taking your time when first using the website, pacing yourself as you want to ensure that your reviews have quality, well written writing.

Important- Remember- Do NOT use ''Slice the Pie'' as a source for your main income as it will not make you enough money to pay the bills. Although it will prove useful as an online route to making a second income, especially if you are willing to put in the time since the road to making money online is through hard work and putting in the time.

Important- Although the website pays its reviewers in dollars, not to worry as once you have earned the minimum payment withdrawal, the website will send your money to Paypal which will transfer your earnings into your local currency. This I know for a fact as I use ''Slice the Pie'' and I live in the UK using the pound currency so feel free to use the site with confidence.

Important- Be honest when writing your reviews as the website will not favour your reviews more because they are positive over those reviews more negative as they want you to give the honest truth, as to whether you would listen to the song yourself, laying down money for it. If you wouldn't listen to the song in your free time then write this in your review, also commenting on the problems with the song. Be specific as they need to know the areas in the song which are not working well for you as this may be a common issue among the reviewers.

Quality- YES         Quantity- NO
Quality- YES Quantity- NO | Source

Why use ''Slice the Pie''

Using ''Slice the Pie'' is simple, easy and fun if you love music as if you love music, then why not make money whilst listening to some great music. Its as simple as listening to the music, reviewing the music and then getting paid. Could it be any easier! and with the vast line up of upcoming music even the hard to please music listeners are bound to find a song they will love.

If you find that certain songs are not as great as others, my advice would be to offer a constructive review as someone will have to read your review and they are looking for helpful reviews, not trash. Reviewing music is fun for some people to do for free, which makes it seem foolish that these people aren't using ''Slice the pie'' to rant their opinions and gaining money for doing so.

After reviewing music which you really liked, then do not be surprised if in the following music appears on the radio or on the TV as it may be the next number 1 single on the charts. Certain song reviews may pay more than others because it is a larger record label that is looking for reviews on the song before its release and one of those reviewers could be yourself which is pretty cool if you think about it.

Your opinions will finally be heard when using ''Slice the Pie'' as your taking part in helping to find the next big stars in the music industry, offering your support to kick start music artists careers. This is why I started using ''Slice the Pie'' myself as I wanted to let my opinions be heard and the added bonus of earning money at the same time seemed simply brilliant to me.

Stop wasting time looking for online ways to making a second income as even if you only write reviews on ''Slice the Pie'' every now and then, you will not be disappointed with the website and the music which you hear. Not to say that every song you hear will be a future hit as there are some plain awful songs which you will have to review but the great songs make it all worth while.

Is ''Slice the Pie'' a scam?
Is ''Slice the Pie'' a scam? | Source

''Slice the Pie'' Poll

Do you currently use ''Slice the Pie''?

See results

Should we trust ''Slice the Pie''?

To answer the question, ''is slice the pie a scam?'', the quick answer would be ''NO it is not a scam, it is a legitimate site which I have been using for about 6 months now''.

If you are wary online, not looking to get into any scams then do not worry as ''Slice the Pie'' is a music reviewing website used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and trusted by all. But if this is not enough for you then I would recommend going to the following link; which lists ''Slice the Pie'' under their recommendations for ways to make extra income. If this still isn't enough for you to trust the ''Slice the Pie'' website then check out their FAQ link on their website using this link; as it tells you about their website and what they do.

Amount you could earn on ''Slice the Pie''

Time (average)
Amount ($, average)
1 hour
reviewed- 1 song every 2 mins
20 Cents per song, TOTAL = $6 per hour
1 hour per day for 1 week
reviewed- 1 song every 2 mins
20 cents per song, TOTAL = $42 per week
1 hour per day for 1 month
reviewed- 1 song every 2 mins
20 cents per song, TOTAL = $168 per month
1 hour per day for 1 year
reviewed- 1 song every 2 mins
20 cents per song, TOTAL = $2,016 per year

My experience using ''Slice the Pie''

I have had a positive experience using ''Slice the Pie'' so far receiving regular payouts as my time using the website lengthens. The music is empowering at times, simply great at other times and then simply boring at other times but one thing is certain, I am glad that I started using the website. It is a brilliant hobby, reviewing music with ''Slice the Pie'' as the website constantly broadens my horizons, listening to some songs that if I hadn't used the website, would have probably never listened to otherwise.

When I hit the minimum withdrawals with the website, they are always efficient in sending the payment to my Paypal account which gives me confidences in using the site regularly. From my experience it was easier to start using the website gradually, using it for short periods of time (about an hour to about an hour and a half) as reviewing music can become repetitive after a while. However after using the website for about a month I finally managed to use the website for about 2 hours a day but remember not to ware yourself out using the website as you will not want to use it on the following day. The website is best used for short periods of time but regularly as this is the best technique when reviewing music.

I don't even have to worry about forgetting to use ''Slice the Pie'' as they email me a daily suggestion which is the song of the day and occasionally ''Slice the Pie'' has an increased payment day when all songs pay more for 1 day only which happens every now and then.

When I first started using ''Slice the Pie'', I wrote longer reviews which lasted for about 10-15 lines receiving about 15 cents per song but soon realised that shorter reviews with more quality paid better and took less time to do making me around 20 cents per song with around 5-8 lines.

I like using ''Slice the Pie'' as it is a great hobby sharing your reviews where it matters with the record companies creating the music as well as independent music artists who seek out our opinions. It is a great feeling to know that you are contributing to the music industry, helping music artists push threw into mainstream, finally getting their talents recognised. Support rising artists, review music, make money and it is literally all you need to know about the website.

TOP 5 TIPS- When using ''Slice the Pie''
TOP 5 TIPS- When using ''Slice the Pie'' | Source

Top 5 tips- When using ''Slice the Pie''

Tip #1- Quality before quantity

It is more important to write reviews which have quality throughout the writing rather than the quantity as it is not about the amount you write, but instead the quality within the writing. Well written writing, using words which are music related will get you the maximum amount of money you can earn on the website.

Tip #2- Dedicate time on the website (Slice the Pie) and you will make money

I would recommend spending between a half an hour to about 2 hours on the ''Slice the Pie'' website each day in order to maximise your earnings and increase your ranking.

Tip #3- Listen to the songs from start to finish

By listening to the songs from start to finish, it will help you to understand what was good and bad about the song. Also enabling you to write a quality review which will in turn help maximise your earnings.

Tip #4- Include musical 'key words'

There are certain key words which you will want to include in your reviews in order to receive more money in your payments. These words include the following; music, rhythm, melody, instruments, timing, keys, notes, chorus, sound, beats, Lyrics and many more.

Tip #5- Recommend friends

On ''Slice the Pie'' you are able to recommend friends to use the website and if you send them your link and they use this link to join the website then you will receive 10% of their earnings. However the friends you recommend will still receive full payments but the 10% you earned from their earnings will be paid separately which means you take no money from your friends earnings. If you would like to offer your support to myself then please use my refer a friend link and sign up to the ''Slice the Pie'' site today,


To conclude ''Slice the Pie'' is a music reviewing website which pays its users for reviewing music under their preferred genres. It is simple, trustworthy and easy to use which is great for a hobby, source of a second income and a great way to support rising music artists. So if you do make the wise decision in joining ''Slice the Pie'', then there is nothing more to say other than, enjoy!

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    • Gerald Fitz profile image

      Gerald Fitz 

      2 years ago

      This is pretty accurate! Although I still haven't been able to make 20 cents per review yet...

    • samislam profile image

      Sam Islam 

      4 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      That's what I was worried about when I tried it a while back. I think this may be the type of website to go to when you're really, really bored.

    • rustedmemory profile image

      David Hamilton 

      4 years ago from Lexington, KY

      It is fun for the first few songs, but listening to so much "bad", or my preferred, music for the amount you get paid makes it hard to get to $10.00.

      I still visit the site from time to time!

    • samislam profile image

      Sam Islam 

      4 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      I stumbled across this site a few months ago, but didn't really give it a try. Maybe I'll revisit it and see if I enjoy it. Thanks for the review!


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