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Making Quick Money Online

Updated on March 6, 2015

How to Make Fast Money Online

I make a living online, but most of the earning "eggs" that I have in my basket pay out every two weeks or even once a month. Sometimes, you just need fast money for gas, groceries, that speeding ticket or just bills that don't quite look like they're going to get paid. I did find a super-fast paying Internet job that can be helpful during those times.

Cloud Crowd is a company that posts numerous quick tasks that you can do online for a set fee. The fees are usually pretty tiny, but the tasks usually don't take much time. The best thing about it all is that the site pays in a day or two. Whenever I do tasks for them I've usually gotten payment within two days. Several people that I've talked to have gotten paid within one day.

Is it a good "egg" to have in your basket of online money makers? Well, yes and no. Here's how it all goes down...

The Pros of Making Money Online With Cloud Crowd

The big pro of working for Cloud Crowd is of course the quick payment. Most of the other online jobs that I do pay more, but none of them pay as quickly. When you need something and the money isn't there, you may be happy to do tasks that are pretty boring in exchange for some quick money.

The other big pros is that the tasks are small. You don't get locked into writing 10 articles, a long report or some other big online task. Instead, these short tasks can be done whenever you have a few minutes here and there. I've rarely had a task that took more than 10 or 15 minutes, though there are some longer tasks available.

All in all, I find that the pros make it worth doing if you need to make money fast. If you're looking for a big earner for major bills, this probably won't cut it. But if you just need a little to get by for a few days, and I've definitely been there a few times, it's quite useful.

Photo by spyros_tav
Photo by spyros_tav

The Cons of Earning Online With Cloud Crowd

All of the tasks that I've done are pretty boring, and some can be a little frustrating. Most of what I've done with them has been heavy editing for sites that are badly translated. Sometimes the sites are so badly translated that it's hard to even figure out what the site is trying to say. A few times I've given up on a task because it was just too annoying.

Another con is that the pay is very low. During times when I don't need fast money, I can't spare the time to work for them. There are tasks for a dollar or two, three or four dollars here and there and ones that pay less than a dollar. Some tasks, like translation, require passing a test. If you have a task that requires a test, however, you are paid for the test and passing the test gives you access to work that pays a little more. 


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