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Making Cigarettes : Home-Making of Cigarettes

Updated on June 20, 2012
Tobacco in the bag, and two home-made cigarettes. You can by an 7 day of cigarette stash, for 3 heavy smokers, for 5euros + 2 euros for tubes with filter.
Tobacco in the bag, and two home-made cigarettes. You can by an 7 day of cigarette stash, for 3 heavy smokers, for 5euros + 2 euros for tubes with filter.

Producing of Cigarettes

Interested in earning an extra money on strange and odd way, but You don't have an idea?
Here's one - make Your own cigarettes. Make Your own manufactured cigarettes : simply with great decrease of spreading money on making cigarettes machines, filling tobacco machines, and etc. Simply, in few steps, You can make Your own cigarettes without being rough for Your lungs, or spitting-around pieces of tobacco.

Everything is in the money

The real question remains, does this kind of way - manual production of cigarettes, gives a pleasure of an "normal smoked" cigarette blend ? If You compare, just what tobacco industries add to their "finish product" - pack of cigarettes, You will find except very toxic tar, additional substances for making extra flavor, for making greater addiction, and more than fifty additional substances. These substances, are added, when herb of tobacco - actually tobacco leaves are grown enough to be cut. Before cut, few days before, with spray - many producers of cigarettes, World wide, add upper-mentioned substances to the tobacco to " Once, substances are sucked up, leaves of tobacco are dried. After drying tobacco leaves, containing additional substances, leaves are going to the process of chopping, where leaves are chopped to small parts - to fit into the cigarette tube and filter. Ladies and gentlemen, that is how - 99% of producers get their cigarettes, that contain substances that can easily trigger lung cancer - and You can DIE!

But, 99% of cigarette companies add these compounds to their final product, to make their product sell better. They don't care about lung cancer, as long as they have an warning on tobacco box.

But, creating cigarettes manually - You: SAVE A LOT, AND SAVE YOUR LUNGS FROM POTENTIAL LUNG CANCER FOR ALMOST 60%! - This is something worth of trying.

Cut Your Expenses

Cigarette maker! Cut Your home budget, by making "same as normal" cigarettes with TWO MOVES in total!
Cigarette maker! Cut Your home budget, by making "same as normal" cigarettes with TWO MOVES in total! | Source

Manual Process of Making

Does this mean, that if we could make our own cigarettes, made from chopped naturally dried tobacco - could live longer with our habit of smoking cigarettes? - The answer is absolutely YES.

Manual Process = No Cancer ?

If You take in mind that natural tobacco is not an toxic herb, and what makes it toxic is the way of administration and it's additives added by big companies to give an extra taste to cigarettes in order of better sell, You will come to the answer that if You give couple of minutes to make several cigarettes a day - You will SAVE Your lungs, and the deficit of "home budget" will be significantly decreased by NOT SHOPPING regular cigarettes.

Make Your OWN Cigarette

For making Your own cigarette, You do NOT need to know the "knowledge of rolling". With simple "green machine" showed on picture, You will make an cigarette with real flavor of real cigarette.

All You need is : machine and tobacco tubes with filters. Filter, for three smokers, last for 2 weeks 200-250 single tubes and 500grams of clean, nicely chopped tobacco.
You can even adjust the level of strongness of Your home-made cigarettes by adding an slice of apple to the pile of chopped tobacco. The apple will suck-up the tar and nicotine from tobacco, and the longer You hold the slice(slices) of apple, the lighter the smoke of Your cigarette/tobacco will be.


All You need.
All You need. | Source

When You open the green manual producer, mini cigarette-machine, You will see an empty line that is considered to be the container for tobacco.

You just put tobacco in, close the "door" - the upper part of this handy-machine, and You are almost there. So tobacco is in the "tobacco container" and the green "roof" , as on the picture is up, is going down - to press and make amount of placed tobacco, suitable for empty cigarette tubes, that You can buy even online.

Once You've done this step, second step is to put the empty cigarette-tube with filter, on beginning, where You'll see the little piece created to suit to the Ø of cigarette tube. You place the cigarette tube, "suite-it-up" on that piece, with upper part pressed down (normally), and pull the movable upper part, pressed down, towards to You! Eventually, You will get an fulled cigarette, and with move towards from You - now fulled, cigarette tube will pop-out aside from machine - AND THERE YOU GO! YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST - MANUFACTURED CIGARETTE.

- This can significally reduce house expenses by 25-30%, depending on how much and which cigarettes do You smoke, but it reduces it - significally! As so, showing others the advantages of having "Your own" cigarettes can be Your next "private" business. You don't have, even, to have the pack for it. It can be a real business just selling them "per each". This way, many smokers, who can't spend 5-10 euros (or dollars) on cigarettes will spare their lungs of unnecessary cancer-trigger additives, extreme tar and nicotine - and what will be good as something that You will ACTUALLY NOTICE is the cut of expenses and Your home budget increase. Not to mention that You have a possibility of making an private business. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT BOUGHT CIGARETTES, SURELY, CAN'T OFFER.

Save Your lungs, smoke quality tobacco - if You are already smoking. Make Your own cigarettes, or make Your own business of "the best sell article on Earth".


Harm-Reduction and chance to spare some money and earn it too!

Machine for manual production / home-production of cigarettes, and sample of cigarettes that are made of this machine.
Machine for manual production / home-production of cigarettes, and sample of cigarettes that are made of this machine. | Source


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I totally agree with You! Especially when it comes to the second part!

      BUT, I do NOT sell tobacco anyone. There is an "supplier" of our family, which makes our lives a bit easier. We tend to spare on our addiction, of smoking, so we buy tobacco from local seller (not registered as a seller but... :) )

      - And Yes, PLEASE take a look at my latest hub. Please read it from beginning to the end, and please give a comment about it!

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 

      7 years ago

      There's more than 300 harmful additives/ingredients in cigarrettes, all designed to make the product more addictive and making the consumer a life-long slave to this drug. Comparatively, home made cigs would definitely be the safer, 'cleaner' option, but both are still bad!

      Nice instructions and photos, lafamillia. Hope this helps someone who's addicted and wants to quit. Anyone who tries out this 'home-made cigarrette' business should have the ethics not to sell to people who aren't addicted.


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