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Making money: A Teenager's Guide

Updated on November 23, 2011

Step One

Getting a job isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The cold truth is that to make money, you have to be willing to put in time. I am a prime example of this. For over eight years, I have been looking for some way to make money with little effort, some of these ways have proven successful immediately, but fail long term (we will discuss different methods later on). The method I found most effective, but also most difficult is actually working. I know, this seems like a major pain, and who wants to go to work anyway when they have a computer? Certainly not me, but the truth is, making money on the computer is effective long term, not immediately.

Step Two

Parents say, "go get a job!", but it really isn't that easy! Getting a job is difficult, if you don't know how. Today I'll explain just about everything you need to know about looking for, and applying for a job, and in the next post, I'll discuss how to ace the interview, and keep that job.

The first thing you'll need when looking for a job is a list of things you are interested in, and keep them basic. For me, it was sports, animals, and science. I was looking for a place where I would have to do hard manual labor, this would give me a workout, and thus keep me in shape, the way I look at it, I get paid to workout! That's another key point in looking for a job, look at the bright side of it, and only consider places where you can either learn something, or gain something physically. The mistake many teens make when looking for a job is they look for something extremely easy, and care little about what the job actually entails. If you are one of the many teens who is seeking an easy, high paying job, stop! You won't find it. This post is created to help you find a job that you will one, enjoy, and two, reap the benefits of.

The next step in finding a job, after you have found your interests, is to either go to google, and search for all the businesses nearby, or to take a drive around town. The first option, google, is preferred if you do not have a car. Simply search for businesses with your interests, and write down their information. I would highly suggest taking a drive. Just scan the businesses and see which ones carry your interests, and most importantly, write them down! A list of potential jobs is crucial! (later posts will expand on the list method)

Next, with a list of at least 5-10 places, research them. Get their numbers, information, background, address, everything you can about them off the internet.

Once you have done this, make the rounds. Visit each one, and ask for an application. Note: Do not simply say, can I have an application?
Introduce yourself, say you are looking for a job and consider "insert company" to be a great starting point.

We will discuss filling out applications, and interviews in my next post.


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