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Making money writing on Bukisa

Updated on June 7, 2010


I read most people here in HubPages talking about making money here and on Squidoo. But barely read about Bukisa.

Bukisa works mostly like HubPages, but they recently have changed the way you make money from your articles. Squidoo has its own revenue sharing system, HubPages uses Google's AdSense, but they both work as CPC (Cost Per Click). It means you make money whenever someone click on an ad.

Brukisa, on the other hand, works as CPV (Cost Per View), you make money when people read your article. It's plan to see that this method might convert more money.

The Bukisa Method

The Bukisa method is pretty simple, you make $X whenever you get 1,000 visits on your articles, when X is the Bukisa Index. Let's supose the Bukisa Index is $3, if you make 5,000 visits a month, then you make $15. The higher this index, the higher you make.

Every month the bukisa index is updated at least once per month.

Earn 25% of your friends' revenue

Even though the CPV works well, Bukisa also pays you for inviting friends. And it pays you up to the 3rd level!

You make 25% of your friends' revenue, also make 25% * 25% of your friends' friends, and 25% * 25% * 25% of your friends' friends' friends! It means you can make money if you aren't even a writer. All you have to do is to invite friends.

Is that enough?

No. Don't use only busika. Use it with Squidoo and HubPages, just like you always did.

So, sign up right now and start inviting friends to join up too!


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