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The Real Scoop on Making Money Online as a ChaCha Guide

Updated on March 20, 2011

I’m a ChaCha Guide and I actually make money doing it. My guide role is called an Expeditor to be exact but more on that later. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been searching for real ways to make money with your computer online. Perhaps you’ve even been taken in by some of the “Send a $1 (or $10 or $20) and we’ll tell you how” scams and now you’re leery. You should be. The majority of so called online money making opportunities are indeed scams.

First of all, what is ChaCha? ChaCha is a FREE service where people text in questions 242242 and get the answer. Because it is free to use, ChaCha is very busy and is in constant need of people (called Guides) to answer all these questions. Questions pretty much run the gamut from “Why do stomach’s growl?” to “Who plays Morgan on Criminal Minds?” and just about anything and everything you can imagine in between! Try it from your phone and you’ll see how it works. You’ll get some advertising (which is how ChaCha is supported) and then you’ll get your answer.

But how do those questions get answered? By trained, fast researchers called Guides. And it doesn’t cost you a thing to become one. Below are some of the most common questions and answers about becoming a ChaCha Guide.

How many hours must I work? This is up to you. There are no set hours. You work when you want to. If you feel like working at 2am, go for it. ChaCha is always busy.

What are the different Guide roles?

EXPEDITOR: This is the role that is almost always hiring. This is a fast paced role. Expeditors are usually the first to see a question. They either answer it using the tools ChaCha provides them or they pass it on to a Generalist/Specialist for further research. Requires: Friendly attitude, desire to help people, and a sense of humor. Fast typing and quick thinking are a definite plus!

GENERALIST/SPECIALIST: These are the Guides who do that further research when an Expeditor cannot answer a question quickly. Generalists/Specialists are paid more than Expeditors but they also take much longer to answer questions so it actually works out to the same hourly pay. Requires: Exceptional Internet search skills, strong general knowledge, good grammar and spelling, fast typing, strong reasoning ability, and sound judgment.

TRANSCRIBER: Transcribers listen to the voice questions that customers call into 1-800-2ChaCha and convert them to text questions. Requires: Good ears, good spelling, fast typing, broad general knowledge, and the smarts to figure out what customers are really asking when they call in.

So how much do I get paid if I pass the test? The truth? Not much! This is extra money for sure – you are not going to support your family being a ChaCha Guide. The pay varies depending on your Guide role but it actually averages out to be the same hourly pay. This is explained in detail during the sign up process. You can supplement your pay though in several ways. ChaCha offers what is a called “Cobra Time.” This is when the system is extremely busy and they need a lot of Guides working. You can sign up to be notified and earn extra money by working Cobra time. There are also Red Alert times when everyone can make extra money without being signed up. Finally, you can make extra money by recruiting new Guides to your Team which is what I’m doing here. That’s why I’m asking you to enter as your Referrer if you decide to sign up.

Who can be a Guide? ChaCha Guides must be 18+ years old, fluent in English, and have a U.S. mailing address. Guides must be authorized to work in the U.S. and must have a high-speed Internet connection in order to connect to ChaCha systems. Successful Guides love researching online and have excellent writing skills.

How do I become a Guide? First, you need to click on the link at the end of this article and fill out some information. Then you’ll be asked to take a brief “compatibility” test. You MUST pass this test in order to advance to guide training. When filling out the form, PLEASE use as your Referrer (I’ll explain why below).

How do I pass the compatibility test? By answering each question carefully. You have time to research so you may want to have a Google tab open in your browser. But don’t take too much time. It is VERY important that you spell and punctuate correctly. If you are a really bad speller, ChaCha may not be for you. You have time to look up a word or two but for the most part, correct spelling and punctuation should come easily to you. If you fail the test, you cannot test again. It’s a one shot deal.

What happens after taking the test? You’ll get an email letting you know which Guide roles are open to you to train for with instructions on how to proceed to training. Once you’ve completed training, you’ll need to take the final Readiness Test.

What is the training like? You’ll do the training at your own pace by watching videos, doing practice questions and reading tip sheets in ChaCha’s Search University. Training is FREE. You can go through it pretty quickly but I strongly advise you to take your time and make sure you really know it.

What is the Readiness Test and how do I prepare for it? The Readiness Test is the final test you need to pass to become a Guide. Like the initial test, you only get one chance to pass. If you fail, you can test for another Guide role but not for the one you failed the test on. Since you only get one chance, my best advice is to study all the material for a few days before taking the test. Don’t get in a rush. No one knows the exact criteria used to grade the tests. I have noticed though that the people who are absolutely certain they passed, usually do not. The ones who are unsure are the ones that normally make it. So don’t be too sure of yourself! STUDY!

Read what other Guides say about their job: Confessions from ChaCha Guides

Ready to become a ChaCha Guide? Remember to use as your Referrer and click the following link to get started!  BECOME A GUIDE


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