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Carry Smaller Man Bags and Handbags

Updated on February 28, 2017

Pick pockets do not like man bags for a very good reason. Wallets are well hidden deep in the bag and not easy to lift.

Difficult to replace documents such as the card with your social insurance number, passports, immigration papers or birth certificates are the reason why stolen or lost handbags are so traumatic.

Few people stress over the loss of expensive man bags or handbags unless they were special gifts. They tend to mourn the loss of the contents or the frustration of walking around without the necessary papers.

Unfortunately, our lives are determined by papers and I.D. cards.

May I see your photo identification please?

Identity Verification

Government and other institutions that rule our lives constantly double check if we are, who we say we are, which helps in situations where someone steals a child from a pram/stroller and tries to cross state lines or country borders.

This is one reason why we walk around with passports, driver’s licences, photo cards for the office premises and other I.D. The size of man bags and handbags are also the reason why we tote our lives. We prefer bigger bags that will hold all necessities. I suppose that is why they are called ‘hold-all’ or ‘tote bag.’

North Americans carry big man bags or handbags because of climatic conditions. It is not unusual to find coffee mugs, mittens, umbrellas or scarves inside these bags. They also carry electronic toys such as iPads and gadgets for reading e-books. Let’s not forget that big handbags can be status symbols for women who want to emulate super-rich celebrities such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Victoria Beckham.

Stolen Cellphones

Cellphones and wallets are the two critical items we cry about when man bags or handbags are lost or stolen. We have all those numbers in our phones, but they are not written down in a diary or notebook for back-up, which leads to embarrassment to admit that you don’t know your father’s cellphone number. At least you know your darling’s number by heart in case you lose your cellphone. Do you?

Some people keep cellphones in their pockets or pouches around the waist, so the phone is saved if the bag is lost or stolen. Cellphones belts are a good idea in countries with low crime rates.

It is not advisable in some countries. You don’t want to be a candidate for a robbery or murder because of a cellphone.

Wallets/Pocket Books

Wallets are obese things, like a frog’s mouth. They usually have the following:

  1. Six credit cards minimum, although you use one on a daily basis

  2. Four bank cards if you have different banks

  3. Eight cards for places like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, drugstores, your favourite stores, etc.

  4. Keys to your home or access card if you live in those condominium buildings downtown

  5. Access card for the health club or the gym, as it is called in other countries

  6. Gas card, grocery cards and the Air Miles card

  7. Dollar bills or paper money your country uses

  8. Your kids' photos or loved ones, who are also in your cellphone

  9. Extra car keys (What happens if your bag is accidentally locked in the car?)

Summer Bags

Buy a smaller summer bag, or check your closet. You might have one.

Summer might be a good incentive to organise your man bag or handbag, so that you don’t lose a lot when it is lost or stolen. The first item on the agenda would be to empty everything on the bed or table and take out the junk.

  • Oh! A banana peel! So that is where that smell is coming from.

  • Old coffee and grocery receipts belong in the garbage bin unless you intend returning the sardines you have already eaten.

  • Bank or health club statements and other important print-outs belong to the file at home. You also have them in your phone.

  • Arrange make-up into smaller pouches. You are not travelling to an unknown country that might not have your hair brushes, hair spray or cold cream.

  • Why is the shaving kit in your man bag? Will you need it today?

  • You can easily leave your iPad at home because your smartphone is a mobile office in itself.

Important Documents

Driver’s Licence: You don’t have a choice. You need it if you drive to work or school.

Health Card: You don’t know when you will need it. That is why it is in the bag.

Social Insurance Number: Memorise the number and leave the card at home.

Passport: You are not passing any port so leave it at home

Birth certificates: Very difficult to replace especially if you were born somewhere else.

Hydro bills: Just the latest copy of your bill or anything with your home address in case of an accident. The hospital and police will know where you live.

Diet-Down Your Wallet

Your wallet is overweight. That is why you bought that coffee maker you seldom use because you hang out at the coffee joint down the road.

It needs a lot of planning to decide what credit card to leave at home. You have your reasons why you use this card for eating out and that one for gas. One thing for sure, leaving most of them at home will curb your impulse buying.

In a nutshell, planning your day will determine what cards you take with you which is easier said than done because we are always in a hurry, chasing the elusive dollar or unattainable dreams.

Keeping important documents and most bank cards at home makes it easier for you to bounce back, should your man bag or handbag be stolen.

Maybe the best way to put it is: the smaller the bag and wallet, you less you carry around.


I was mad when I went to the local university library to dig out information from some rare books, not found online.

I didn’t have a card or some form of I.D. with my photo, so they could not sign me in as a guest. It was a setback because I was on a deadline but it is a good thing, because it means I’m getting used to not carrying around important documents.


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    • bonda profile imageAUTHOR

      Nonqaba waka Msimang 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Yes. Without fail. How about cellphone numbers? Do you memorise them?

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      That's so true. We do carry around such a lot of unnecessary baggage that we don't really need - but then, as sure as I try to lighten to load, the very things I leave at home are just what I need! Interesting article.


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