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Legit Companies Hiring for Work Home Customer Service A to C

Updated on November 22, 2014

Customers are Best Served from Home

Have a knack for customer service? Why not do it at home? There are hundreds of companies that hire customer service and tech support associates to work at home. You want to keep a few things in mind when applying.

  • Competition is fierce. You are not only competing with local applicants. You've not just expanded your competition to encompass the whole country. So make sure your resume is stellar and showcases your best skills for the job you are applying for.
  • Be smart when searching and applying for jobs. You do not want to waste your time. Read the job descriptions and requirements before deciding to apply.
  • Do some investigative work on the company first. There are two major work home job boards that I would recommend you join and search like mad. WAHM and WorkPlaceLikeHome. They are tons of tips, tricks, and leads on those two forums alone to get you off to a great start.

What Has Been Your Work Home Experience?

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Customer Service Jobs - A

1-800 Flowers - Pay rate of $9.00 and limited to certain states.

Acanac - Pays phone agents to work home doing customer service.

ACD Direct - This company pays you to talk by the minute.

Aspire Lifestyles - These positions involve assisting clients with travel, dining experiences, as well as entertainment. Pay ranges from $13 - $16+ per hour.

Asurion - Pays $10 - $12 per hour and is limited to certain states.

Accolade Support - Pays per minute and up to $10 per hour.

Alorica - Hires for customer service agents as well as sales associates.

Alpine Access - Pays an average of $9.00 and only hires in certain states.

Amazon - Love shopping on Amazon. Well why not work for them too? Go to their search page and put work from home in the keyword search. Make sure to leave everything else blank to find out what positions they have open right now.

American Support - Start out at $9.00 an hour. Put virtual in the keyword field and leave everything else as all.

Apac Work Home - Customer phone agents and only hires in certain states.

American Express - It is not easy to get on with this company. I have applied to be an American Express Rockstar plenty times. But it's always worth applying. Make sure to search virtual in the search engine.

Arise - The pay is great but you have to incorporate yourself before getting started.

Apple - They frequently hire At-Home Advisors. Remember when searching to but home in the keyword search to find positions.

ARO - This company hires agents for customer service, auditing, sales, and B2B marketing.

To Apply or Not to Apply... That is the Question.

You desperately need a job so you apply to everything available because something is better than nothing, right? Wrong. Don't waste your time applying for a work home full-time job when you know you can only work part-time. Makes sense I know, but I as many of my colleagues did this in the beginning.

Also be sure you read everything required in the job posting and follow all directions. Do not apply for jobs you are not qualified for via education or job skill. Along the same lines, do not apply for jobs you may not be ready to accept. For example, if you have tons of experience but you know you will not have a noise-free background. A customer service position would not be suitable for you until your atmosphere is conducive for it.

Be sure to update your resume when appropriate and highlight skills the employer is looking for. Even if you have never held a work home position, be sure your resume stands out by loading it with keywords that tailor to the job you're applying for. Check out a sample work home resume here.

Customer Service Jobs - B

Blooms Today - This company hires seasonal agents to take in flower orders. The company pays $15.00 per hour and overall is considered a great company to work for.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting - This company pays you anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00 for cold calling and outbound appointment setting. You must be experienced.

Brighten Communications - This company has position with phone agents earning up to $18.00 an hour. You are free to work your own hours. Please note that this position does involve telemarketing.

BSG - This company hires live operator as contractors earning a minimum starting wage of $8.50 an hour.

Put 'em Up... Put 'em Up...

Job scams are common when it comes to working from home. That's hard working people really are in need and desire to earn extra income while keeping daily costs low. Scammers prey on their desperation. Here are some tips on spotting work home scams and the predators who are behind them.

  • Does the company ask "you" for anything other than an application or a resume, ie money or personal information?
  • Does the company promise you riches for a small amount of work?
  • Are there spelling and grammatical errors in the company's job posting?
  • What about the website? Is the domain registered? Does the business have a BBB profile?
  • Can you find reviews of the business/company? Type in the company name and put scam or review behind it to view any online buzz.
  • Finally and most importantly, how did you find out about the job? Was it some random email? Be careful what you click on, open, or download when it comes to job postings.

An example would be if you received an email regarding a job opportunity from home, one that you know you did not apply for. There is no company website and you see you received the email from (fictitious email as an example). I usually put this in my web browser- and see what pops up. If nothing pops up, I immediately categorize this email as spam. If the website address actually does lead to a real company, I make sure to view all pages including the career page (if available) as well as the contact page. I'm looking to see if the contact page has a physical address, email address, or phone number listed or simply a generic contact form. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to spot scams every time which will come in handy when going about your own work home job search.

Customer Service Jobs - C

Call Center QA - This company hires telephone mystery shoppers from home. They are always hiring. Apply Today.

Convergys - Hires virtual agents for customer service, sales, as well as tech support.

Cruise - If you have at least 1 year of recent cruise call center experience you should apply for a position with this company.

Customer Service Review - This company hires in-home callers and evaluators for quality monitoring. Employees are expected to work a minimum of 3-6 hours per day.

CenturyLink - Hires for customer service, sales, as well as tech support.

Capital One - Location based. Hires customer service specialists usually in FL and VA. Log on and search work at home in the keyword field.

Contract World - Hires customer service agents to work for major companies answering inbound calls averaging $10 - $14 an hour.


Not all companies may be looking for employees right at the time you are applying. You will get rejected letters and maybe more rejection than letters. Do not let this discourage you. Continue to search and apply.

Happy Searching. Be on the lookout for Legit Companies Hiring for Work Home Customer Service D to I


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