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McDonalds Coupons - Find coupon codes and printable coupons

Updated on January 16, 2011

McDonalds Logo

Free McDonalds Coupons

McDonalds coupons, printable coupons and coupon codes can help you save money on your next visit to McDonalds.   McDonalds turned 70 in 2010 and continues to grow and expand with over 31000 restaurants in as many as 119 countries. They are the most popular fast food seller of hamburgers and claim to serve over 58 million customers per day. McDonalds main competitors include Burger King. Subway and Pizza Hut. While McDonalds is best known for their selection of burgers including the Big Mac and McChicken sandwich they have also expanded their product line to include healthier foods such as salads and fruit. McDonalds is well loved by kids and they aim to please children with their ever growing kiddies menu and kiddies meals, which frequently have free stuff.  You can enjoy McDonalds in one of their many thousand restaurants or if you are in a rush you can pass quickly through their drive thru. McDonalds does offer good value for money, but McDonalds coupons can help you make your next trip to McDs even more affordable.   This page will provide details of where to find McDonalds coupons, printable coupons and coupon codes to help you have a cheap meal at McDonalds. Why pay more for a hamburger when you have it for less. In cases where there are no McDonalds coupons available you can still take advantage of other McDonalds special offers and promotions to save money.

Where to find McDonalds coupons and voucher codes


McDonalds coupons and vouchers help you buy a cheap meal at McDonalds. There are a number of great places to find these coupons and other special offers at McDonalds.   You can seach for McDonalds coupoons on coupon websites such as Retail Me Not, My Voucher codes and Coupon Mountain. It can be difficult to find coupons so you may need to consider other ways to save money at McDonalds such as the ways below.   If there are no McDonalds coupons available there are a few other ways to receive special offers. You can become a Facebook friend of McDonalds to be alerted to any new promotions in the fast food outlet.  McDonalds will alert you of new promotions via their status alerts or through email. McDonalds coupons are also available in Sunday newspapers and through local mailers which include a variety of different offers.   McDonalds themselves often hold special promotions on selected items. These promotions sometimes feature new products and are one of McDonalds successful marketing plans to encourage people to try new burgers and other meals.  

McDonalds Coupon TOS

If you do happen to find some McDonalds coupons it is important you read the fine print at the bottom of the coupon or on the reverse. Some coupons are not valid for certain items and frequently cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. It is important to also note that special offers and promotions may differ between different fast food outlets.

Where do you get your McDonalds Coupon Codes

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