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Meal Plan and Grocery List to Feed 2 People for a Month for $100

Updated on July 24, 2016

This is a meal plan and grocery list, as well as how it all comes together to feed 2 people for 100 dollars a month.

For breakfast and lunch there will be several choices for each day to choose from. Dinners are made once a week and there will be a total of seven choices. All you will need in your pantry is some salt and pepper, as all pantry items are included in the list. If you have these items on hand, the excess can be moved to another extra item that you may want.

Most of the food can be made up ahead of time. What I like to do is make up a large batch for the month and freeze the other three weeks-worth for the rest of the month. I will put an * by the ones that are possible to make up in advance. It helps on the busy days to have several choices of each meal ready to go if you don’t have the time or the house is too hot to cook.

The Menu

What’s on the Menu?


(Served with fruit most days)

*Granola with LF milk



*Breakfast Burrito

Hard-boiled Egg and Toast


(Soup/Chili served with crackers and sandwiches are served with raw veg and ranch dip)

*Pork and Vegetable Soup

*Potato Soup


Tuna Salad Sandwich

Egg Salad Sandwich


Vegetable Fried Rice


Pork Chops with Baked Potato and Hot Vegetable

*Biscuits and Gravy with Fruit

*Chicken Fajita Soup over White Rice

Sausage Obrien

*Cabbage Rolls and Cornbread Muffins.

Grocery List with Price Points


(All shopping was done at Aldi’s, Piggly Wiggly and Dollar Tree.

Fruits and Vegetables

2# bananas (1)

3# pears (2)

Watermelon (3)

8-pk applesauce (2)

Raisins (1)

Sweet Mini Peppers (2)

10# potatoes (5)

2# Carrots (2)

Celery (1)

2# Cabbage (1)

3- Canned tomato (2)

Frozen corn (1)

Frozen mixed veg (1)

Frozen broccoli (1)

Frozen peas (1)


Old-fashioned oats (2)

20 ct. flour tortillas (2)

Saltine crackers (1)

4 loaves bread (4)

2# pasta (2)

2# rice (2)

2 cornbread mix (1)

Protein and Dairy

2 dz. Eggs (2)

Turkey breakfast sausage links (1)

6 can tuna (5)

3# bone-in pork roast (5)

2# hamburger (4)

3 can bean (2 red and 1 black)(2)

1# breakfast pork sausage (2)

2# split-cut chicken breast (2)

1# smoked sausage (2)

6qt. shelf-stable milk (6)

½# cheddar (2)

Margarine (1)

Pantry Items and Misc.

Honey (2)

4# sugar (2)

Sw. coconut flakes (1)

Small oil (1)

Brown gravy (.5)

Small mayo (1)

Chili mix (1)

Fajita mix (1)

4 tomato sauce (2)

2 spaghetti sauce (2)

Flour (2)

Soy sauce (1)

Ranch (1)

Baking powder (1)

Baking soda (.5)

Cocoa powder (2)

Confectioner sugar (1)

100 ct. tea bags (1)

Koolaid (1)

Meat was bought at a local market on sale. Substitute as needed to keep within price points, like use thighs for chicken if it isn’t on sale your way.

Bulk is bought at Aldis and the rest is purchased at the Dollar Tree.

This is a one-shop meal plan, so no more trips to the store for the rest of the month! Great for people like me that hate shopping.

How does it all come together?



Make granola with some of the honey, coconut flakes, sugar, raisins, oil and oats. It stays fresh for a couple of weeks, so make accordingly. Mix and bake in a thin layer for 10 minutes, stirring once on a sheet pan.

Burritos use all the turkey sausage links (cut up), some eggs, cheese, onion, sweet peppers and grilled potato cubes. Wrap up in flour tortillas and freeze. Just pull out as needed and heat them up.

Pancakes are made with ingredients on hand and can also be frozen for quick breakfast.

Oatmeal made to order and left-over granola ingredients for toppings


Chili is made with 2/3# hamburger, onion, few stalks of celery, 2 can tomatoes, 1 can tomato sauce, 2 can red beans, diced sweet peppers, 3 cup water and chili mix. Freeze remainder in portions for later lunches, as with the rest of the soups. Serve with crackers or on pasta for a change.

Potato Soup is made with 3# potatoes, carrot, onion, celery, flour, milk, butter

Pork soup is made with the remaining pork bone from roast after meat is cut off. Add carrots, onions, celery, potato, some frozen corn and brown gravy mix.

Sandwiches made to order and served with raw veggies remaining.


Pork chops are cut from the roast and then portion and frozen. You can grill then, bake, fry, stew, add some soy sauce and sugar, pull with bbq. Any way you want, served with a potato, also endless ways to cook and your choice of hot veg. I don’t like to box myself into a certain way to make these, just use what you have and the method that sounds good at the moment.

Chicken Fajita Soup can be done in crock pot or on stove. Add chicken, 1 tomato sauce, sweet mini peppers, onion, 1 can black beans, 1 can tomatoes and a fajita mix. Boil up, pull chicken and debone, reincorporate meat and simmer a while. Portion and freeze for later.

Gravy is made with all of the pork sausage, milk and flour. Portion/freeze for other 3 weeks with leftovers. Biscuits can be made up as well with ingredients on list and then frozen.

Spaghetti is made with 2/3# hamburger, onion and both spaghetti sauces. Leftovers are saved and frozen for later.

Cabbage Rolls use cabbage, 2 tomato sauce, 3 cups cooked rice, 2/3# cooked hamburger, onion. Sautee onions, hamburger and cooked rice mixed and then rolled in cabbage leaves. Cover with sauce, cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Cabbage rolls freeze well so make them all up and have three more nights of dinners in the freezer.

Grilled Potatoes and sausage are made to order. Add in some onion, celery, mini peppers or whatever is left. Serve with a hot vegetable.

Vegetable Fried Rice is made with frozen mixed veggies and any fresh ones you want to add in. Cook down till soft, fry an egg in the mixture, add cooked rice and soy sauce. Keep some cooked rice in the fridge to make this, as well as have rice for the chicken fajita soup to bulk it up.

That’s it. You cook for a week and the rest of the month there will always be many choices of premade meals as well as quick ingredients to whip together. I may possibly have a love affair with my freezer, but it makes the days that I don’t want to cook, so much easier. I save money by not having that decision to grab something while I am out if I am short on time, because dinner is planned and many choices are already made, so no excuses.

There will be left over ingredients to work with. There is ingredients for chocolate cake and frosting, with some spices you have cinnamon rolls, muffins, waffles, quiche, omelettes, etc. ( I also have a sweet tooth apparently.) Get creative and see what you can come up with.

If you garden, you can add a lot of fresh filler and choices to your menu. Currently the tomatoes, squash, peppers and cucumbers are bountiful. Even a small container on the porch can add some fresh scallions or herbs, adding just a few more flavors to the mix. So maybe it is time to give gardening a try and save some money.

Drinks are tea, water, kool-aid and milk.


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      20 months ago

      thisis great... no print option????


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