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Meals Serving Four For Under Five Dollars

Updated on March 8, 2015

With groceries becoming so expensive and as always a necessity, I am always striving to find ways to feed my family on the cheap. So here are six recipes that can easily feed four people for under five dollars total, so about 1.25$ per person. The prices are based on store sales and even everyday Wal-Mart or Sav-A-Lot prices, if you can’t find these prices, I daresay you may need to reevaluate your shopping place. Aldis is another grocery store that will give you these listed prices below or sometimes even better.

Tuna Casserole-5.00

Favorite in my house and pretty quick and easy to make. If making Homemade bread, you can take another 50 cents off the total price.

2) Box macaroni and Cheese-1.00

2) Canned Tuna-1.50

2) Canned Peas-1.50

Loaf of Bread- 1.00

Cooked Mac N Cheese as directed, and add tuna and peas with cheese. Milk and Butter can be replaced with a bit of the tuna water in a jam.

Taco Salad-5.00

Quick and Healthy Dinner that all the family will enjoy. If it is the time of season when fresh tomatoes are high, you can always use canned tomatoes and cook with the meat. The meat could be 2# of split cut chicken breast or 1# of ground beef. Shredded cheese can also be exchanged for a coupe cut up slices of American, really whatever is on hand.

1-2# meat-2.00

Head of iceberg lettuce-1.00

1 cup cheese (any variety)-1.00

1/2 # diced tomatoes or canned tomatoe- .50

3-4 oz. sour cream .50

Cook meat with some cumin, salt, chilli powder, pepper and garlic. Serve over lettuce bed, top the rest with cheese, sour cream and tomatoes.

Breakfast For Dinner-5.00

For a nice change of pace, you can always serve breakfast for dinner. Using a homemade recipe for pancakes will save 2/3 of the price, this price is for a whole box of pancake mix (add water)

Pancake Mix-2.00

Dozen Eggs-1.50

2 apples, sliced

I shouldn't have to explain it, you know what to do.

Red Beans and Rice-4.75

There is a reason this is a staple for many families down south, it is tasty, cheap and effective.

1# Red beans or whatever style you like-1.25

1# White Rice-.50 (Based on bulk buy)

2) Jiffy Cornbread Mix-1.00

1# Sausage-2.00

Spaghetti And Garlic Toast-5.00

A family favorite for many households, sauce is full of antioxidants and the carbs keep you full. If you make your own spaghetti sauce, you can half the price for that, same goes for your bread.

1# spaghetti noodles-1.00

I can of spaghetti sauce (Hunts 4 cheese) 1.00

1# beef or 2# chicken breast (split cut)-2.00

1/2 loaf of bread-.50

1/4 cup of garlic butter.50

Cook Meat and Noodles, Drain and add sauce. Slice bread and coat with garlic butter, bake a few moments and dinner is served.

Chicken Casserole-4.50

With all recipes, use what you have. You could add a can of mixed veggies, corn, peas, carrots, just whatever you have on hand.

1/2-1 # white rice-.50

2# split cut chicken breast-2.00

1 can cream of mushroom soup-1.00

2 can green beans-1.00

There is two ways to cook this. You can cook the meat and rice first and then bake for ten minutes to incirporate the soup base. Or you can boil enough water for your rice and cut the meat and put it all into a baking dish, with or without the green beans for 30-45 minutes, stiriing occasionally.


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    • profile image

      Joanne M Olivieri 4 years ago

      Wow! all the money I could save if I cooked some of these recipes. Love the tuna casserole and taco salad. These are great recipes. Voted Up!!!