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Medical School Aid

Updated on January 4, 2011

Preparing for Medical School

You’ve decided to go to medical school to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor working in the field of medicine being able to help people who are sick or injured. The good part is that you have chosen an excellent field of work that will be very beneficial towards your future. The bad part is you’ve probably not looked into how you’re going to be financing medical school.Have you thought about researching info on Medical School Aid?

The best thing to do now when looking into financing medical school is to check into medical school aid programs. You may be able to find several medical school grants or medical school student loans available in many states for high school students. Your search for medical school financing should’ve started at least during your junior year of high school but don’t worry you’re definitely not too late.

When applying for medical school grants or medical school student loans there are certain criteria to be met in order to ensure you a heads up on receiving them.


Medical School Requirements


You must have first met the requirements to get into medical school

1.    Your GPA and Academic course work are extremely important to medical schools

2.    Choose a major that provides the most diverse amount of knowledge

3.    Although your courses chosen can be a variety of subjects take large amounts of math and science courses, the more the better your chances.

It’s mandatory that all students meet the set core requirements as follows

·         1 year English

·         1 year Biology with lab

·         1 year of Organic Chemistry with lab

·         1 year Inorganic Chemistry with lab

·         1 year of Calculus or even College level math

·         Biochemistry 1 Semester

Medical schools prefer at least a GPA of 3.5 in all GPA Courses. Course retaking for GPA improvements are allowed. Start your freshmen year out right, many students use the freshmen year to play around but you could gain an edge by focusing on education in school and playing while on breaks or vacation.

In your junior year, you should look into taking the MCAT Prep Course. Your scores should be sent out with your American Medical College Application including College transcripts. The American Medical College Application Service provides a single application to apply to several Medical schools.

Typical Life of a Medical School Student

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, medical school financing is a major issue to be dealt with as mentioned above even before coming out of highchool. Think about this, first you’ll have to finance an undergraduate degree and then Medical school alone is going to run you at least $100,000 to $200,000 or more not including other expenses for books and living expenses. Having Medical School Aid already coming in is a big plus.

Entering Medical school right after college will place you into a three year residency if you actual get accepted plus can afford medical school costs. You could be in Medical school way into you early 30s maybe late 30s depending on your chosen specialty to focus on after residency. You will work hard, there will be very long very late hours as if already working, you will deal with huge amounts of stress, and also be stuck with a huge debt to pay back even if you were to drop out of before completing at least 6 years medical school. Are you prepared to put in the time, the energy towards getting to where you want to be in life?


Early start on Medical School Financing Plan

Well if you answered yes, I suggest you get focused on researching those medical school grants and medical school student loans. In fact medical school aid can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Ask around for family members to start donating towards your medical school aid, it’s okay because they’ll see you’re taking initiative so suck up your pride. Your church could sponsor you as well, teachers, other sources close to you. This is your life you’re talking about so there’s nothing wrong with getting things going in the right direction.

If you’re as dedicated as you need to be then preparing for medical school early should be no problem especially with the expenses you know you’re going to have to pay later. Medical school grants and medical school student loans might not be able to cover all your medical school costs but there is other Medical School Aid available out there to help fund your education that few ever really find out about until the last minute.


Choosing a Medical School to Attend

Also, you will want to begin using an online Medical school directory to do medical schools research. Using the online medical school directory you will have access to all the information you need from any medical school in any state to choose where you want to pursue your education. The University Of Illinois College Of Medicine in Chicago is an excellent choice. My children were born at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago and the medical students were extremely more experienced than I thought they’d be. The University Of Illinois College Of Medicine in Chicago provides excellent training for its students; it’s in a great location in Chicago’s medical district and the only hospital I have services done in that I trust completely, plus they also have a medical school aid program.



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