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Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation

Updated on August 10, 2010

Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation is not a mortgage lender. Meridian is a mortgage broker, working for the home buyer not the bank. This is a very important distinction because as a broker, Meridian can compare the rates and terms available from various lenders in order to get you the best mortgage possible.

If you apply directly with a lender, you will only be told about the loans they offer, and you may have to apply to several different lenders before you find the best mortgage. Or you might get stuck with a bad loan because you don't want to bother with multiple applications so you go with the first bank that approves you.

About Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation

Meridian has an expert team to assist you in getting the right mortgage. Instead of assigning your case to one person, the entire team works on getting you the lend you need. That way, each team member concentrates on doing what they do best, whether it is completing the loan documents, comparing mortgage options or negotiating with a lender. Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation uses the teach approach because it is too much to expect one person to be an expert at every aspect of the process.

This approach apparently works, because 96% of the time Meridian is able to help their clients get the mortgage loans they need to purchase or refinance their homes. Considering the number of people in this country who have poor credit, that's a pretty impressive percentage.

Meridian has been growing so quickly that they received the Inc. 5000 award in 2008. This award is given to companies that are growing fast and innovative. This award is conferred on private companies that have experienced a high percentage of growth in sales over the past five years.

In today's economy, it is more important than ever to have an experienced mortgage broker on your side when applying for a mortgage in order to get the best possible rate and term. Meridian Home Mortgage Company will work with you to help you get your mortgage whether you are buying your first home or your fifth.


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