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Michigan Bridge Card - Food Stamps - Michigan EBT

Updated on March 30, 2010

Bridge Cards or Food Stamps for Michigan Students

 A growing number of Michigan College students are applying for assistance with food costs while attending Michigan Colleges and universities. While there is some debate over eligibility as in previous years as state took a role of making it more difficult for students to apply for and qualify for assistance, with today's challenging economic environment and students sometimes having to choose between books and a nutritional diet, or getting another part time job that detracts from study time - more is now being done to make it easier for students to apply for and obtain assistance.

Although there is still some debate by taxpayers if students should qualify, proponents agree that the Bridge Card or food stamp program was enacted to help in exactly these circumstances - those needing temporary assistance - and who better to provide with help than Michigan's future work force?  

In some Michigan counties, Genesee, for example, which includes, Flint, Mt. Morris, Clio, Burton and other neighboring communities - well established educational facilities such as U of M (University of Michigan), Mott Community College, and many others - some students are now using the services of state licensed delivery service such as GFO or to have food delivered to their housing both on and off campus. While business cannot deliver prepared or heated ready-to-eat products, like ordering from the local pizza joint, students receive nutritious foods and can use their bridge card as payment.

Although some are concerned about program abuses, students are required to submit the same financial disclosures as non-students, included rent, utilities ,and sources of income, etc., it is easier now to apply for help, and a student can now see if they are eligible and apply online. .


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    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      I was told to go through this program that would help me get my rent paid. My caseworker tells me too go to Michigan Works they have what I need. Wrong, now rent is coming and no word about the program. The holidays are now I have 3 kids and work while trying to buy a tombstone for my daughter I lost. Really is there really help out there for single working mothers trying to provide for their children?

    • profile image

      Full Time Student- Zero time worker 6 years ago

      I am a full time student, I am also a single mother with two kids. I wasn't always on aid and I don't want to ever have to need to be on aid again after I graduate in April. I had to choose between going to work and going to school. When I chose to work I wasn't making enough to support my family. Between diapers, food, daycare (parent portion), and rent I was behind every month. I couldn't even afford to go to school, because I really needed to pick up more hours so that I could attempt to pay for everything. Finally I got a raise and they cut off my daycare which put in worse situation. So I quit the job and went to school full time, I only get food stamps and just got them to turn my daycare on like 3months ago. We still struggle EVERYDAY, but I take comfort in the fact that it is almost over. I will graduate this coming April and I can finally move on. I plan to relocate because I know it will be tough to find employment even with my college education. Pray and hang in there ladies it is hard but if you stay focused you will make it.

    • profile image

      shannon kizer 6 years ago

      I recently lost my job, and because I can't find a job for at least 20 hours a week, if i return to college, I will not be able to qualify for food assistance. My husband, daughter and I live on his $8.00 per hour, my student status will drop the assistance. I am in my 40's and don't get extra money, I am trying to better myself, the gov. is an idiot, I think discriminated against a group of people is unconstitutional.

    • profile image

      Student2 6 years ago

      I think that this change is really unfortunate. I myself have been affected by this. I'm not my mother's dependant and I'm also pregnant. But because the state won't help me with food I've been forced to use a food pantry. It doesn't matter that I'm an excellent student, go to school in the summers and take take 16-22 credits. Or even that there is an innocent little girl in me, who couldn't choose her situation. Nope.

      Rick Snyder is starving people who truly need help. I'm sure there are people that abuse it, but why not track what exactly people buy. I was an Aldi's shopper and used coupons with my bridge card. I wasn't eating junk, selling my food stamps or buying a bunch of soda for the deposit. I think they should have set stricter guidelines though.

      You think students are the only people that get the soda can deposits? I think its much more likely that hardcore drug addicts would take the time to do that.

      I just can't many snooty rich kids, who's parents can afford to feed them well in line at the welfare office.

      This is a step in the wrong direction. It just seems like this state likes to punish people for being students and trying to become self sufficient. Almost as if they WANT people to stay on the government aid. Going to school is NOT a necessity. Eating is! So what are people going to give up if they have to?

      I really am frightened for Michigan's future..

    • profile image

      Deborah Hansor 7 years ago

      I see abuse daily in this area where tax payers pay for food and they are buying $22.00 bottle of wine and $25.00 Tequila...why should I support this program and take away money from our senior citizens pension checks.

      They obviously can buy food it they can afford alcohol. Their parents show up and use their cards too.

    • profile image

      Student 7 years ago

      Yes, there are SOME cases in which students are abusing EBT aid but that it not true for all cases. I feel that stricter eligibility requirements is the best way to get rid of this problem. I am the first in my family to go to a university, full time. I have 7 other siblings living at home. I am in no way living a lavish college life at all! Yes, I am still a "dependent" of my parents but that doesn't mean that they are in any position to support me in college. I feel that if a student is eligible for the Pell Grant, he/she should be eligible for the EBT card. Why not? There are both forms of state aid. If I am eligible to receive money from the government for college, why wouldn't I be able to receive food?

    • profile image

      student 7 years ago

      FYI, just because a student is still a dependent doesn't mean their parents are supporting them financially in school. I take out 20,000 dollars a year in LOANS to go to school and I don't have a dime to my name. I DON'T live lavishly at school, I hardly ever spend money on things that are not school related. If I didn't have food stamps, I would have to either eat ramen noodles 24/7 or take time off from school to work.

    • profile image

      Ed 7 years ago

      I don't feel it was right for MI. to change the days to when people receive their EBT food stamps. EBT was Issued on the 1st. & 3rd of the month for some. Now ,that some are getting them at later date plus each month a day later for 11 months. This causes people to spind their disability money for food until they get the food stamps. Makes it harder to pay their bills. Sounds like a con job.

    • profile image

      Steve Miller 7 years ago

      If a person uses their Bridge Card for other than food, say gambling, do they have to claim that as income on their taxes? If so, how does this information get to the tax preparer?

    • profile image

      Struggling College Student 7 years ago

      Yeah there will be abuse of any aid system, there will be college students who get help from their parents when they are "dependent" on their taxes, but my boyfriend is 21 years old and would be without health insurance if not for being "dependent" on his parents taxes. Fine, your 21 years old, get your own health insurance, right? No, not always. He broke his femur, want a real headache? Try switching insurance during treatment. (since he has required PT 3x a week just to walk normal) So what should he do pick up a second job to pay for rent, food, health insurance, and car insurance not to mention other bills? A femur break is a very hard thing on your body, and he can honestly hardly handle having one job. I work as much as I can as well. We pay for EVERYTHING ourselves, we can hardly come up with money to pay for it all without failing out of college, getting a little extra help paying for food so we have one less thing to stress about is nice, and I am thankful that we have received assistance from time to time. We work our tails off (both at work and finding time to keep up with our classes), no vacations, no booze, we are by no means living large because when we get food assistance. But they do ask if your parents are supplying you with money, and bank statements, so they are cracking down on college students, which is great, I realize that many students will abuse it while getting money from their parents, but then there are other people, like us, who aren't getting any help from either parents, despite him being "dependent" on parent taxes, that means nothing as far as money. There's two sides to every argument, and I'm just putting my prospective out there, so that people can really think about people who actually need them, and will otherwise skip meals and lack proper nutrition..

    • profile image

      michigan tax payor 7 years ago

      If a student is still a dependent on their parents tax forms they SHOULD not be allowed to apply and receive food stamps. If the parents income qualifies them then that is fine. I know kids that are getting 150 dollar a month on a bridge card paid by me at tax payor but can come up with money for spring breaks in florida, social sororities and the clubs at State. My daughter has to work her tail off, no springs breaks in florida, no social sororities and limited parties. We are not teaching our children anything when we teach them to take from some one else and live large in college.