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Mini Refrigerators: Pros and Cons of a Mini-Fridge

Updated on August 6, 2015

College is starting again soon, and students need a place to store their food. So have you considered what type of fridge you are going to use in your dorm room this year? Mini refrigerators are a great appliances for college students or for anyone who wants a small fridge that does not take up much space. Micro-fridges are also hot items for dens or rooms where people entertain and do not want to go back and forth between the kitchen. This hub will discuss some of the pros and cons of three mini refrigerators.

The Cutie Pie Coca-Cola Fridge

This fridge is such a cutie pie! When I was young I enjoyed one time I went to McDonald's and they served soda in old fashioned Coca-Cola glass I was able to take home. Unfortunately that glass broke very long ago, but I recently discovered these style glasses are on sale at the dollar store and I bought a few for decorations. My sister inherited an antique Coca-Cola clock that I had my eyes on, so I have to admit I am a little jealous and I wish I had that clock hanging on my wall. So whenever I see Coca-Cola themed décor and appliances I just have to have them. The Coca-Cola Fridge is so adorable and I definitely would like to buy this one eventually. Another great thing about this portable fridge is you would not break your back lugging it back and forth, which is a great plus for someone with a back injury such as myself. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fridge?


  • Not ideal for storing and cooling food.
  • The small size limits what can be put in this fridge.
  • It does not get as cold as a standard fridge.
  • You must love Coca-Cola to buy this because it is a piece of décor.


  • Cute design because I love anything Coca-Cola.
  • This fridge is a space saver.
  • Great for an office desk, especially if you have working lunches.
  • Ideal for the college student that only wants to chill soda or water in a small fridge.

Cute Little Fridge

I love micro fridges that are cute and and compact, so this General Electrical model seems promising. Overall, I think this little fridge would be fun to have in a dorm room for one person, but there are a few drawbacks.


  • Does not include a microwave.
  • Only has a small compartment for freezing ice, so storing tv dinners would be out of the question.
  • Not large enough for two dorm roommates.


  • Large enough to store a small amount of food and a few beverages.
  • Great time saver for college students that do not have time to go to the cafeteria during finals week.
  • Esthetically pleasing design.

Picture of my college roommate and myself next to the microfridge, which was one of the best models I have ever seen.
Picture of my college roommate and myself next to the microfridge, which was one of the best models I have ever seen.

Microfridge With A Freezer and Microwave

Microfridges are the ideal dorm fridge because these take up very little space and are energy efficient. During my freshman year in college I had a very nice microfridge that included a real working freezer and a microwave. It was rented, but this appliance was wonderful for those days during exams when I was not able to go to the cafeteria. Although the other two microfridges are cute, this one is the best for dorm students because it has enough room to hold snacks for two roommates. Also, the working freezer with a separate compartment for ice is convenient and less messy. The microwave is wonderful for heating up tea or coffee while burning the midnight oil studying for an exam. If you have a roommate that is messy there is an easy way to keep the mircowave clean. Take a sponge and wash it out with water and then place it in the microwave. Turn the appliance on for two minutes and allow the inside to become warm and moist, which makes it easy to scrub dried food out of the microwave. Rinse the sponge out when finished and then microwave it for two minutes to kill all the bacteria and germs. This is how I keep my microwave clean without using any harsh chemicals, but you can add a little bit of Seventh Generation dishsoap to make the cleaning process easier. This is the ultimate micro-fridge and I cannot think of any down sides to this one. However, I would eventually like to own the other two because I think those appliances are pretty cute.


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