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MintVine Review: Scam or Legit?

Updated on November 21, 2016

Need to know if MintVine is Legit? If so, you're in luck! Below I have given my Review on MintVine, I hope you find it useful!

Owner(s): Branded Research, Inc
When did it launch? September 2012
Minimum Age: 13+
Payment: PayPal, Dwolla, Amazon Gift Card

▼What is MintVine?▼

MintVine is a company that pays you to complete surveys from a bunch of different companies, these companies will pay you to complete these surveys because they require feedback on products and information on how others think, etc. There's also a few other ways to earn, which I have spoken about more below.

▼How do you make money with MintVine▼

As of 24th June 2016, there are 3 ways to earn money.

Surveys: Every day you will receive a bunch of surveys, the amount of surveys you receive varies from day to day. Each survey you complete will give you a different amount of points. There's currently 3 different places to find surveys on MintVine, Survey Street, Points Place and Rewards Road, Survey Street gives you random surveys worth various amounts of points, Points Place gives you surveys worth 70 Points and Rewards Road gives you surveys worth 55 points. You will also earn a few points when you get disqualified from certain surveys, don't worry if you get disqualified from a survey, it usually just means that they've already had someone around your age, etc. that has already filled in the survey.

Offers: Under offers, you can find various different ways to earn extra points, from completing additional surveys to playing and levelling up in a game on Facebook.

Daily Poll: Everyday you will receive a different poll to vote in and upon completion you will receive 5 points!

▼How much money can you make with MintVine▼

This is a tricky question to answer as, how much you can make depends on how much time you have, however it's very easy to earn the minimum cashout of 1000 points in your first week, 1000 points is equivalent to $10 (£6.91)


  1. When answering surveys, always be honest and thoroughly read each question as there are sometimes trick questions to make sure you're paying attention, for example, a question could say "Choose the 3rd option" and if you're not paying attention you will probably click the wrong option


  1. It's very easy to complete surveys and earn points
  2. It's free to use
  3. Easy to use
  4. Low minimum withdrawal
  5. Pays quickly
  6. High paying referral program
  7. Small payment for disqualifying from some surveys


  1. You have to wait 2 weeks for each set of points to be cleared


In conclusion, MintVine is a very easy to use and legit, survey website. It's actually one of my favourite surveys websites!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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