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Minute Maid Coupons

Updated on July 1, 2011

This page is a resource for Minute Maid coupons, discounts, and special offers. Minute Maid is a premium juice manufacturer owned by the Coca Cola company. They offer a variety of juices though supermarkets, restaurants, schools, and businesses. Read the information below to find out how you can save on these products.

Minute Maid Coupon Sources

Minute Maid has a Promotions section on their website where you will find printable coupons and special offers for their products. Sometimes they offer coupons for other products or companies such as Chuck E. Cheese when you purchase juice items in stores.

Minute Maid printable coupons can sometime be found on 3rd party coupons websites. Examples of savings include cents off coupons on select products.

You can collect Coca Cola My Coke Rewards points to get free Minute Maid beverages. 30 Coke Rewards points gets you a free 20oz drink.

Check the ads section in the Sunday paper for clip out coupons for Minute Maid. Use clip out and printable coupons along with sales at your local grocery store to save the most on your purchase.

Funny Minute Maid Commercial

Additional Information

Minute Maid sells juice by the carton, bottle, and juice box. They are well known for their orange juice as well as their Hi-C juice boxes. There are over 100 different flavors and varieties of their juices available in stores. Recently they have introduced natural energy drinks to their lineup. These juice drinks are formulated to provide energy through natural ingredients.

The Minute Maid website offers nutritional information and recipes for juices. Through their connection with Coca Cola, these beverages are available all over the world.


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