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30 ways to obtain extra cash during a hard time

Updated on May 7, 2011
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Hard Times

The times that we are in are very hard. People are losing their jobs and can't find anything else to do. These people have responsibilities. They have families to take care of. They have bills to pay. They have to place food in their refrigerators. Without a job, how can they possibly do this?

People take money for granted. They need to learn how to save their money in case something like that happens to them. When people lose their jobs, they have nothing because they constantly blew their money on expensive things. The average person would buy at least one thing that they have no use for at all per month. These things add up. Learn to utilize cheap services that would allow you to save money. Take time to go over all the things that you may need and see if there are any other alternatives to that of which you may need.

One of the most damaging bills to a family may well be the average college tuition. Thousands of dollars spent on education. I am currently in college and I know how much it could set a family back. There are services that may offer free scholarships and other college related things to you or your family. At FastWeb, they show listings of events that are currently taking place. From entry level jobs and internships to free scholarships. They show you how to claim these services. This is a very useful web site. I would've signed up for it if I knew it existed two years ago. For those who plan on furthering their education, I suggest that you sign up for this site.

Recession hitting hard

Thousands of workers have become unemployed in Virginia alone. There are hundreds of thousands of workers out of a job in America. It's all over the news. Can people afford to be losing their jobs. Fast food restaurant hiring is at an all time high because of people losing their jobs. How would you feel going from factory worker to flipping burgers? This is a very serious matter.

Maybe there needs to be more people trying to help those in need earn some money. I have conducted some research to help people get back on their feet. Maybe these work from home opportunities would work for them.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has become a powerful way to make money online. People could either make money posting blogs and articles for a single down payment or they could be paid per word. There are many things that needs to be learned about freelance writing. It's a tough world in the freelance world. There are amateur sites (such as Hubpages) and there are professional sites.

It's best to have special writing software when trying to become a freelance writer. Plenty of free writing software is offered online. The internet is a treasure chest for writers around the world. Take advantage of this work from home opportunity. This is a business that could earn you enough money to make a living.

To learn the complete details of freelance writing and how to potentially earn a 5-6 figure income with your writing career, I suggest you purchase this ebook. At only $10, I learned how to find my writing's worth. The rate of my writing was surprisingly high. At $0.10 per word, I sometimes earn $30-$50 per story I write. Getting your rates to be high can be very difficult and a very long process. This ebook makes it no quicker, but it gives all the details you need to do so. It also gives advice on how to write for certain businesses. It shows you the other side of freelance writing. The side where you have to sell yourself and your product. No one ever mentions this strong fact, but this ebook shows how you could make selling your product a lot easier. It shows ways that some people make at the most $400 per article/story they write.

I wouldn't start smiling yet if I were you. It takes a hell of a work ethic to make this much money. To those who aren't used to this kind of work may find it hard, but for those who have or had a full time job before, they will fit into this lifestyle well. As this program only takes maybe 3-4 months to teach you everything you need to be a top writer. It also has a list of web sites that you could write for. Including off line businesses that may accept your application to write for them.

  • Don't fall for it- Don't settle for less. Many web sites will offer low rates for your work. If you accept it, make sure that you can do better first. If you can do better, than don't sell your talents for less. Like Hubpages, a lot of writers get sold short. Sure, $40 may seem like a lot, but it's really not. Hubpages makes up for that by offering affiliate programs, so it's acceptable. Other web sites don't offer affiliates, and are far from a $40 pay off. They will pay you as low as $1 for your hard work. Settling for that type of pay isn't what i'm about. I write as a hobby. Writing is what I do. I love to write. Ever since I learned cursive writing, I spent a lot of time writing. I use this hobby and talent to help others, like I am trying to do now. Don't sell yourself short.

Online guide

The online guide community seems to get bigger and bigger as time progresses. People are earning in between $500 and $2,000 per month just by being an online guide. The only thing about it is, some online guide web sites pay you per hour when you are answering questions, meaning that if you have no questions coming your way within an hour, you will earn no money for that hour. Don't worry, most online guide websites aren't like that (so far only ChaCha).

These sites pay a good amount of money (not subjectable for making a living with). Another problem with some of these sites is that it's hell trying to get a response after you sign up. I just recently got an email from granting my request, and I signed up nearly 2 months ago. Anyways, these sites allow you to work from both your computer and your cell phone. You can answer questions from your phone by providing your cell phone number to the selected service that you decide to use and they will send relevant questions related to your favorite subject(otherwise known as your expertise) and you text an answer back, that simple. I prefer using my computer to do this kind of work, because I am a safety freak. I don't like giving my cell phone number out over the internet.

  • Conversation Starter- I'm sure some of you have heard of talkshoe before. You know, the two income by doing one job site. The web site that pays you to talk, whether over your computer or over your phone. You heard of that site. Well if you didn't, now you have. I think this is the most exciting way to earn money online that I have ever come across because it's actually fun. Holding a conversation on my favorite subject would be the last thing I would call work, but it is.


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Very useful article and I agree htodd it's a great idea to have your eggs in several baskets nowadays. Mr. Williams you mentioned above about an e-book you recommend on how to write -- do you have a link for that? Forgive me it's probably right in front of me!

      Voted up, useful, interesting

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 5 years ago from United States

      I think we should not put all things in one basket and we have to create some nice opportunities rather depending on one income source

    • Robertbloggert profile image

      Robertbloggert 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks Mr Williams this was very informative! And even more I like how you didn't sugar coat it or elude to some magic secret to earn 6 figures as we see so many do. I think people need to understand that as any thing in life it takes real drive and dedication. And kuddos to you for pointing this out so well.

      Thanks again, a new fan~Robert

    • easyspeak profile image

      easyspeak 8 years ago from Vancouver

      Wow, thanks for the great resource! It's been bookmarked!