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Money Is Like Manure It is only any good when spread around in business and personally

Updated on October 21, 2012

Money Must Go Round

Money is Like Manure.

When you have a heap of manure in the garden all you get is etiolated grass and the smell BUT when you spread manure around you get growth and flowers.

Money spread around brings help, smiles and happiness and encouragement to others so much so that even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet subscribe to this theory.

The only way that the world will see better days is when wealth is used to help others and this is what all who have extreme wealth should be looking to do.

There are many now with extreme wealth who have realised this and are acting upon it and more power to them as they will be the change in the World.

Be the change YOU want to see in the World as prosletised by Gandhi a true spirit of humankind and humanity and a great lesson for us all.


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