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Money Makers Contest

Updated on February 18, 2012

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Money Makers Contest

This is a contest to see who can make the most money in a single month using the site in this a free site that I have come across just a few days ago. Just us the link provided to sign up and start earning money now. Post your earnings as a comment for this group. To participate in this contest you must be a member of this site and this group, you must use the link provide and you must stay active on both this site and the contest site for at least one month. Each week the stats will be check and only the official post and honest ones will be eligible for the grand prize. There are three prize levels Grand Runner up and first place. How ever everyone will get to keep the money they have earned from the contest. The rules are as followed

  1. sign up to Masata.
  2. Create and verify your paypal account (this is how you will get paid)
  3. Join this Group.
  4. Us this site link to sign up to the contest site.
  5. Make sure to stay active for the entire month to both the Contest site and Masata.
  6. Earn cash and post your daily earnings as a comment on this group page.
  7. After the contest ends feel free to continue using both this site and the contest site.

Winners will be announced one month after the contest begins in the group's discussion forum. All Entries must be submitted before April 1, 2011 and all candidates must have internet access and a computer to inter also you must enter an active email address because all the information entered on this site and the contest site will be use for payment purposes only. We are not responsible for any incorrect information or unpaid payment due to incorrect information. You will also need and active PayPal or alert pay account. Both are free and both must be confirmed and verified before payments can be received. Now lets go make so money!



P.S. It would help if you also left a comment with your name date and time you signed up to the contest site. Thank you. Prizes will be announce April 1, 2011. Remember anything you win or earn on the contest site is yours to keep. We only ask that you post your comments here letting us know of your winnings and earnings. Thanks again See Masata link for contest site sign up and registration


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