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Best Money Management Games For Kids | Cash Register

Updated on February 25, 2012

Choosing the Best Money Management Games for Kids

This well sorted article explains the Best Money Management Games For Kids today.Cleverness understanding finance and managing money with expertise purely depends on your experience with it. It’s essential that a child is given necessary familiarity with managing finance as with any other subject. Eventually, this will benefit him later in his life when he handles real money. At small age games are the best path to teach money management to kids. This article list out the best money management games for kids the will cultivate an urge to understand finance and handle money better. This will also have significant impact on the social behavior of kids as some these game involve a good deal of interaction with other players. These can be a great gift for kids to play during christmas time together with the whole family and an excellent learning experience.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Game For Kids

This is the new generation monopoly which combines the conventional monopoly with added electronic transaction. This new edition of monopoly gives a real grasp for the kids about the fundamentals of electronic transactions. The player who acts as the banker will quickly get a grasp of basic bookkeeping in money management. The electronic transactions are more debit-card oriented rather than credit-cards.

Cashflow Game For Kids

I would recommend this game even more than the traditionally best 'monopoly' game. The school teaches children how to work for earning money. This cash flow money management game for kids teaches them how to have the money work for them. It teaches them about the flow of money, generating passive income, investment and skills to choose the best deals.This game comes packed with the "Rich Dad's Guide to Raising Your Child's Financial I.Q." book. Understanding these concepts regarding investment and interest rates can be really rewarding for kids when they are grow up and start earning themselves. It could infuse a tendency in them to save money and not to spent it lavishly from their teenage itself.

Advanced Piggybank for Kids

Well this cannot be put as a money management game for kid but it is a very essential toy that can improve a child’s saving mentality. Moreover, with this piggybank he has the ease to discern the share he would like to give for each of his responsibility like saving, charity, spending etc.

Teaching Cash Register Game for Kids

This money management game can improve the addition, subraction, place value and coin recognition skill of children. The real-like currency makes the game a more realistic one. It displays the values in the LCD screen with real-time, easy to read numbers. There are four featured games with this Cash register games which ensures the talking and interactive skills of kids while handling money is sure to go up.

Play Money Set For Kids

This wooden cash drawer for kids is an affordable money management play for kids. With the realistic currencies it helps the child to learn conunting and place value of currency. This money management game for kids can add even more fun the usual games of children like grocery store, house and many more.

The PayDay Money Management Game For Kids

Payday is a game that teaches kids the utility value of money. The person who has the highest money left after paying bills, loans and mortgages is declared the winner. This game can play a critical role in framing proper ‘budgeting’ from childhood itself. This money management game for kids also have significant impact in developing social interaction among peers during the play.

Early teaching of basic financial principles to kids help them manage money well in future. The absence of this procedure is what later leads to financial-blindness of a person at a later age when he starts to handle real money. There is no other easier way to do this other than through choosing to gift them the best money management games for kids. So get the best games to day and raise your children with a promise to wise living in later life.


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    • jobister profile image

      jobister 7 years ago from Anaheim, California

      Just got my son an advanced piggy bank system which calculates the funds for him. I hope he likes it.