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Money Personalities?

Updated on December 12, 2011

Learn more about money personalities

It takes two to manage the money:)

Photo from by: Martinsfoto
Photo from by: Martinsfoto

Have You Ever Heard of Such a Concept?

When we think about this term it makes cents, I mean sense:) Let me introduce you to the couple who developed this concept: "Scott & Bethany Palmer" they have been on abc News, Kdove Radio Broadcast, Good Morning America and other programs explaining this new term.

Scott and Bethany have interviewed many people and surveyed many couples to determine their money personality. They then put together a book called "First Comes Love Then Comes Money."

Many couples have been helped by the Palmer's. The participating couples found out more about their spouses then they knew, when it came to how they managed and spent money.

They explain how many of us couples have some of our biggest challenges, when it comes to money, how we spend it, or not spend it. Decisions we make without consulting our spouse, the one who is supposed to be are help mate, partner, and lover. We do have to manage our money as if we are one person. The two come together and have to communicate as to what to do, or what we'd like to do. If we don't communicate about it, we usually have problems somewhere down the road.

One couple that was helped by the Palmer's found that one partner was a spender and one was a saver. They learned to know how to modify their spending habbits. Some found that they needed to forgive one another about decisions that were made in the past. To consult each other before making purchases over an agreed set dollar amount.

There are those of us, who have made, not so good of choices. Even bad finacial decisions that have lasting effects. Those decisions made today, do invest in our future of tomorrow.

The book shows a variety of financial scenarios. It also list some surveys you can take to find out what your money personality is. Scott & Bethany have narrowed it down to 5 different personalities when it comes to spending or saving money:

  1. Saver
  2. Spender
  3. Risk Taker
  4. Security
  5. Flyer = Fly by the seat of your pants:)

Their book also covers other subjects related to financing. Such as....401k, prenuptial agreements, saving, spending, private checking accounts. Then there is the fun terms like: Money Dump, Money Huddle, Financial Intimacy, Fighting Fare, Financial Infidelity, Money Personality Quiz, etc...

This book seems to be very informational. We not only learn more about ourselves, but our spouses. The Palmer's are known now as "The Money Couple", and have a huge amount of clientele. If you have time view the video below, enjoy, and think about buying the book, I plan to.

(*Note:  I am not getting paid to promote this couple, heard them speak .  Loved what they had to say about their book, and how they have helped many couples with their finances.  I thought the money personalities was a fun concept to share with others, who may not of heard about it.) 

Money Problems?

How do you handle your differences with money?

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What Money Personality Do You Think You Are?

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    • heart4theword profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from hub

      grinnin1, thanks for stopping by...this was one of my first hubs a few years ago, nice to have another comment on the screne:) Have a great day or evening!

    • grinnin1 profile image


      6 years ago from st louis,mo

      Good advice and review- and so true! Thanks!

    • heart4theword profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from hub

      Yes, they have a good handle on the financial ways:) Your right, finances should be a shared venture. This way you both know what is really going on. Be supportive to each other, in making a plan that works for both of you.

    • wrenfrost56 profile image


      8 years ago from U.K.

      Your right the management of money should be a shared venture. I think the palmers have the right idea's.


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